26 January 2012

I LOVE Being in Direct Sales

I'm not trying to recruit anyone with this post, but today I was just thinking about all the great friendships I've made through my direct sales business. One of the other awesome things is that I get to meet other women, and some men, who are doing the same thing I am doing - building a home based business selling products they love while having fun doing it.

Since I've made so many great friendships - I have vowed to myself that as much as I can - I will help finance my friend's dreams just like they are helping me by purchasing their products. Sure I could go to Target and buy a set of containers for my food, but why would I when I could go to Crystal my Independent Tupperware friend. Tonight, my Silpada friend is having a Chocolate and Jewelry party, which I can't make it to, but I'm already looking to see what I can get. I have interior designer friends, cooking friends, fitness friends. There are so many of us out there who absolutely love what we do and I'm so grateful I've been able to build these relationships and support my friends just as they support me. So if there's something you're looking for other than Scentsy - just ask me. I'm sure I have a friend that sells it!

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