31 January 2012


There are people who will come into your life and their assignment is to steal your joy. To get you off track. To make you question everything you know about yourself. I call these people dream killers, purpose blockers, DISTRACTIONS.

Yesterday in my quiet time God said "Niecy, why are you so worried about what that one person says and believes about you? If they will deny me and I came to save their life - what makes you think you are exempt from rejection"?

Everyone doesn't have to like you. That doesn't stop you. The more you Shine, the more stories they will make up about you to feel better about themselves.

I play small for no one. Like me or not. Make up stories on me. Believe what you want about me. My life speaks for itself.

You have a very important assignment here and it's your job to keep shining. So take your daily dose of glitter and SHINE ON!

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