26 January 2012

There's a mirror over my fireplace

Not too long ago I saw this mirror on Pinterest and fell in love:

After a few clicks, I discovered it was from of course one of my favorite blogs, centsationalgirl.com. I LOVE this woman and her ideas which explains why I loved the mirror in her living room so much! The best thing I loved about this mirror was the shape - so I set out to find out where she got it from. Of course, it would have been too easy to be able to go online and buy this mirror, as is, and hang it over my fireplace.

Centsationalgirl actually bought this mirror as a brass color and spray painted it glossy white. I thought "oh no". I'll spend $250 dollars on a mirror and get it home and still have to paint it and possibly mess it up! I'll admit, my painting skills are still a work in progress.

One night last weekend I decided to run by Marshall's to see if I could find any good deals on little essentials for Munchkin and me. Of course, my walk around the store detoured to home goods sections. What do you know? Sitting right there with the mirrors was a gem. Not exactly the same mirror from Centsational girl but something that would definitely work. The best part - she was only $34.99.

So I scooped her up, made sure I would be able to return it if it didn't work in my space, and headed to Lowe's to buy some glossy white spray paint. When I got it home I decided to hold off on spray painting - me being part lazy but also because my current entertainment center is an old woody dresser I painted an antique white which some of the dark wood still shows through. I thought the rustic/rugged feel of the mirror might make my entertainment center feel more intentional.

So here's the new mirror over my fireplace:

(forgive me - I'm a new blogger in this space - my pictures were taken on my iphone in a weird lighting)

Eventually I'll use that can of glossy white spray paint to make it more like the mirror from Centsational Girl - but for now I'm enjoying that 'get it home and get it on the wall feel'.

I'll post more pictures. The mantle is in transition from full Christmas decorations to I think this will take us through January and Winter, to finding the perfect accents for spring!

Thanks for obliging my first 'home' post!

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