21 January 2012

The Things I'm Most Grateful For

I am trying to start something where I post the 5 things I'm most grateful for each day on Twitter before I go to bed. The idea came to me one day when listening to Oprah Radio in the car as she interviewed the author of Simple Abundance (better known as the little pink book). I haven't actually read the book, but in that interview I picked up on the main principle - and it was pretty simple - give thanks. Every day, give thanks. Even if it is for the seemingly small things like going through the day without crying, give thanks for that. I thought - how profound. How wonderful it would be to create an atmosphere of gratitude every single day. I usually catch up on my timeline while laying in bed at night - so how about I use that time to share some good with the world. I'll carry that idea here as well, and on Saturdays I'll post the 5 things from the week I am most grateful for! Now I'm all excited!

This week I am grateful for:1. A return to sanity and a routine schedule. The last 10 months I sacrificed being able to pick up my son from school, cooking dinner, going to the park. This week that was restored.2. Clients who are understanding - even when I haven't been at my best for them.3. The people God brought into my life through The CommunityChange Group.4. The super major announcement that came from Scentsy this week!5. Getting the opportunity to spend some time with my sisters of AKA.

How could you not be grateful for more time with him? This week at PreK-3 wiped him out.


  1. NIECY!!! How great you have a blog now! I have one of the Simple Abundance books as well. I am so happy to connect with you here. Thanks for letting me know about it! Will be following!

  2. I am excited! Thanks for following.


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