26 February 2012

A Lesson in Trust

More days than not, I wake up and enter fight mode. Not aggressive, pick a fight with everyone I come across type of fight mode, but the I have to make it happen, go get them, fight mode.

While I don't perceive anything seriously wrong with my instinct to get up and do, I also realize that sometimes I get a little carried away. Case in point - yesterday morning.

I recently started Iyanla Vanzant's "One Day My Soul Just Opened Up" which is a 40 day devotional. The "rules" are that you are to pray and read the day's lesson before getting out of bed. Yesterday, instead of following those rules, I started my day. The first thing someone did was lie to me and immediately I felt it was my duty to make sure he knew that I knew he was lying. That immediately caused a defensive reaction on their part - and once again left me looking like the self-righteous know it all that I can sometimes be.

Well - 5 minutes later I picked up my devotional - and there was the lesson I needed to learn 10 minutes prior. The lesson was on trust and the difference between trusting someone and placing your trust in someone. This lesson hit me so hard and was so necessary.

When you trust someone -

"you are not reliant on them", "you see them in the highest light possible", "you know that their eternal light of truth will shine forth, eventually".

When you place your trust in someone -

"you expect them to do what htey say they will do", "you place your reliance on words or promised action".

Do you see the difference? One is how you respond to what you trust and one is how you try to trust what others can do, which often disappoints because you cannot control what others will do.

So yesterday I laid down my right to feel I needed to call everyone out on their lying or any other behavior I feel is not cool. Instead, I trust that God has it all under control.

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