23 February 2012

Mary Christensen posted on my timeline...

....and it's a BIG deal to me!

On Tuesday evening, Mary Christensen posted this to her Facebook:
Are you supporting the Go Direct campaign by buying your products from other direct sellers? Think of the difference 70 million people (that's how many direct sellers are currently active worldwide) can make by supporting each other as customers.

I reposted it to my wall because it is the idea that I have been talking about and why I love direct sales. If we all went direct and supported our friends and neighbors in building their dreams - we could furnish our homes, fill our wardrobes, supply our beauty counters and stock our pantries all through men and women going in the same direction as us.

After posting that a friend responded that she had been looking for a local Avon representative to reorder some lip gloss and couldn't find one! Really? Can't find a local Avon rep? ...and who has the nerve to say Scentsy is saturated? (ok that's another post)

So I responded that I knew an Avon rep - because I know like 6 of them now that I think about it - and I shared her contact information with her. This is where life gets exciting - Mary herself mader her way over to my little Facebook timeline and commented!

See for yourself. It's kind of a big deal!

So why is this a big deal to me? Mary Christensen has more than 25 years of experience in party plan businesses. She is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers across the globe. My Rising Stars are currently following her plan found her book "Be a Party Plan Superstar" - so to have her pop up on my timeline is a huge deal to me!

Thank you Mary!

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