09 February 2012

One of those days

Today I'm feeling a bit beat up. I missed going to Phoenix for the Scentsy Spring Sprint because me and my team at The CommunityChange Group have been working on a kick-butt proposal for the past 2 weeks. It involved two outside partners, was really detailed and was due in office tomorrow. When I had not received the final materials from one of our partners yesterday, I pulled the plug on going to Phoenix for Sprint because I knew I would have to complete all the final crafting and get it overnighted today.

I was already feeling crappy at the response I received when I told certain people I couldn't go but those things I just tend to shrug off. I knew I had to prioritize getting this proposal out - so I was ok with my decision.

Then I walked in the office this morning to a message that one of our partners wouldn't be able to get their proposal done, making our proposal and our other partner's proposals void - because it is mandatory that each presenter have two partners. Crap!

So today I'm feeling good at nothing. My clients' funding needs are constantly increasing, my Scentsy business, gratefully, is constantly growing and both need my attention. Both need me to show up.

I know anything worth having will not be easy, but definitely worth it. So I've got to fight the funk today and start again tomorrow.


  1. Aw girl! I hope I didn't say anything to offend you. I think you made the best decision you could...and, as cliche as it sounds, it all happens for a reason right? (((hugs)))

  2. Oh Angel! You absolutely didn't! I enjoyed your updates yesterday and am so glad you got the chance to experience the excitement of a live Scentsy event!!! I'm so happy for you - you Business woman you!


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