03 February 2012

This is My Life

Munchkin and I are just returning from one of my sorority sister's homes. I love these moments when we get to spend some time together - because they're pretty few. Munchkin loves the chance to hang out with his friend and I love the chance to hang out with my friend.

Driving home, it made me think about some things that have been on my heart lately. God really has me in an interesting place right now. I don't really desire to go out with my single friends because I'm not necessarily interested in the things singles are interested in, but I don't fit in with my married friends because I can't necessarily go on "date night" with them. Munchkin and me are truly in a season where he is my main focus.

People often comment about how close him and I are. How could we not be? Everything I do right now points back to him. The work I do, the desires of my heart, all point back to making sure he lives a full life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm so grateful for the friends God has placed in my life and for the fact that they serve a very specific purpose in my life in this season.

I wonder how other single parents feel about this.

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