06 February 2012

Today has been near perfection

....that is what I tweeted about an hour ago. It really has.

The entire day flowed perfectly but I won't bore you with a play by play.

I did take my Mommy goals seriously - and started checking some of them off the list.

After picking Munchkin up from school, we went to the market (which is what people in Baltimore call the grocery store) and then came home. He played and I cooked dinner.

Nothing fancy - but I do have to say I make a mean sauce

I've also decided that I want to start baking, which is why I checked out a baking book by Martha Stewart from the library today. However, serious baking takes some serious equipment and instead of wasting my money on cheap baking goods in the meantime, I' decided I'll take my time building up my collection as I go.

So we stopped at World Market on the way home and picked up these

So tonight I decided to start with this
It looked delicious in the box and smells delicious cooling on top of my stove. When I say I want to start baking - I mean from scratch. I just couldn't start today with ALL the goods that go into that but this was still a lot of fun

I'll come back and add a picture of the finished product once the cakes cool and I have the chance to ice them.

Also on the Mommy goals list - reading just for fun. So I made a quick stop by the library on my way to pick Munchkin up from school.

Yay for days of near perfection!

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