01 February 2012

You Should Be Disgusted...I Am

So as you come down the hill from my house, at the major intersection crossing town sits a McDonalds - with a Play Center. Every time we go down this hill and have to sit at the light my Munchkin asks "can we go there"? So, to get out of this question time after time - I started calling it "Nasty Donalds". Now whenever we drive down the hill my son says "we don't go to Nasty Donalds".

Well recent reports have not made me a liar. McDonalds really is Nasty Donalds and I'm disgusted. Did you see this article on the Pink Slime McDonalds has been using in their burgers. Treated with ammonium hydroxide to make them edible. YUCK!

Look, I'm not here to tell you what to eat in your family. I'm not here to preach that we all need to become vegetarians - although after reading this I wanted to. Really though. The decisions we make for our families are our decisions. What kind of food we choose to bring into our homes is our decision. We can't get mad at Paula Dean for continuing to cook high cholesterol, diabetic meals on tv even when we know they lead to health problems if we won't first step up and make the right decisions for our family.

I often think about how long my great-grandparents lived and how healthy they were up into their golden years even though they ate the "worst" of the pig. The difference is now what we call organic. I can guarantee they weren't eating Pink Slime.

No more Nasty Donalds for my family.

I'm disgusted.

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