06 March 2012

Don't Tempt Fate - That Text Can Wait

So I have a problem. A serious problem. I think I am so important. I think that when someone is calling me, texts me, comments on my Facebook or mentions me on Twitter that I must respond right away.

Because of this narcissistic side of me - that my iPhone is my lifeline - I often pick it up at the gentle vibration of an alert that someone needs my attention right away.

Unfortunately, this all important switch doesn't turn off when I'm driving so I often glance over and check the incoming message and yes, I even respond sometimes.

I listen to Oprah radio and I always here " Dont tempt fate, that text can wait". Yes it can. Now it does. I'm saying no more.

Locally we have our own campaign going on. I got this cute little band from the local news station to remind you to wait to text. Yes, please.

I'm working to be better. After all, I'm not that important but my life and the life of those who ride with me in my car and on the roads are. Will you join me?

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