17 March 2012

A few makeovers

I realized that I did a few furniture makeovers before I started this blog that I should share here.

I'm still learning how to perfect the art of painting furniture, but one of the things I enjoy is that my furniture isn't perfect. How boring is perfect furniture anyways?

So first, my dad found this beautiful chair at a garage sale. I liked the style of the chair but if you know me - I hate "oakey" furniture. (My mom would probably cringe at me saying this).

This was my first time repainting furniture since I painted my parents lawn furniture pink when I was in middle school. :-0

I also got a hold of my dad's old desk from his car dealership. It was a mission style, brown wood desk that I didn't think to take a before picture of. I love the after.

Both the desk and chair were painted using Valspar High Lacquer Wood Black Spray Paint.

If you know me at all - you know I am adamantly against the idea of walking into a furniture store and buying a 5 piece living room set. I cannot bring myself to do it. So instead - I wait to find these little treasure pieces and then make them into the pieces I want them to be.

Here's an old dresser I found at a local Antique store. I probably paid too much for it considering I was going to paint over it - but you know - a girl gets excited sometimes.

It had some really great little posts that used to hold a mirror I assume that shows the detail in the woodwork. (Yes, I sometimes use my corkscrew as a screw driver).

I used Valspar Satin Finish Antique White paint.

Here's where we stand today. I love it. It is really a unique piece in our home that I love.

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