15 March 2012

This Week in Photos

Doing this helps me find "joy in the journey" as my dear friend Heather Howard Earl would say.

On Saturday, my friend and line sister and I were having a usual text conversation like we do everyday - and the journey of our natural hair came up. I loved this and it's so true!

So out of that came me embracing a little self love. While I love instagram - one of my biggest complaints is that too many people take too many self portraits and it annoys me - but one is not too bad.

That night I was headed to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Salute to Youth Scholarship Award Gala held by the women of Iota Xi Omega. It was a super fun time.

I was honored to do the presentation of the debutantes and gent. It was truly an honor because I remember what a big deal that moment was for me.

Saturday morning I woke up and was dragging about having to get dolled up that night. I just wanted to relax. Then I remember that 10 years ago, I stood in their shoes and it meant so much to me. My high school friends were there. My mom and I had shopped for my dress and spent mucho dinero on getting the lace appliques taken off the body and added to the bottom to be long enough. After a hair emergency and my sister hooking me up, I was ready for this big night.

Saturday morning was also my Scentsy Delivery Day. Love getting the chance to connect with my customers and friends.

I also did a little shopping with Munchkin. He was being silly acting like a mannequin:

New Lipstick: Benefit - I think I Love You
My testimony right now:

Yesterday was gorgeous outside.

....so I ate lunch out there and look at the line already.

Scentsy VIP Scent of the Month Club mailing day -

I LOVE this. I have a strange way of getting to my destiny. At the end of it all you don't have to understand me - as long as my work withstands.

...and just how timely was this. Just yesterday I started asking that question "why" again. Why did this happen? Why did you do this? OH please Niecy - MOVE ON, LET GO and GET OVER IT!

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