12 March 2012

Update on Mommy Goals

So last month I wrote about me taking some time out for me and a little more self care. Here's an update on my Mommy Goals:

1. Read at least one book a month just for pleasure. These will probably be checked out from the library as they'll be books for me to "escape" a bit.
Completed! I read Alice Walker's - Now Is the Time to Open Your Heart - which I thoroughly enjoyed. The book, while a little different, takes you on a journey, and in true literary genius style of Ms. Walker, carries a thoughtful message. From loving in a true, rich, and full way to reconnecting with the land and keeping your land as your land and not selling it as we in Western culture have become so accustomed to doing. (I'll write more about this later).

2. Read at least one book a month geared towards personal and/or business development.
I'm working on this. I'm actually reading about 4 different books about personal and business development right now.

The happiest life is that which constantly exercises and educates what is best in us.

3. Take better care of my hair and stop pulling it back in a bun (just being lazy).
Ehhh.....still need to work on this.

4. Give myself a manicure and pedicure weekly.
The manicure part is happening....the pedicure part needs some work.

5. Cook at least one homemade meal a week.
I'll get there...I promise.

Mommy goals are always a work in progress! I'll keep you posted.

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