31 May 2012

Pinteresting - Muchkin Snacks

3:52 PM

So my little boy turns 4 in 5 days, but he eats like he's 15 already!  I've been in proposal writing, reporting, and researching mode all day, so I decided to test the waters of what it would be like to have him home while I'm trying to do focused work.  It worked out well.  The only issue  is that every 2 minutes he comes next to me and says "mommy, I'm hungry".

So after hearing this for about 8 hours today and stopping to get up and make something, I remembered this cool idea I saw on Pinterest.  This will save me a considerable amount of time to make some convenient, and healthy, snacks in the morning, put them at Munchkin level in the fridge so when I hear the inevitable words "mommy, I'm hungry". I can say - hey - there's a snack in the fridge that I made just for you!

Do you have any fun, convenient, and healthy snack ideas?

Do share.

28 May 2012


8:56 AM
So my newest obsession - Glee!

My tv at home stays on Nick Jr. or better known as 131 in our home.  So, I have to catch shows on Netflix way after they have aired on actual cable.

I'm on season 2 and I just love this song!  Can this be my new theme song?

19 May 2012

Single, Saved, and Satisfied?

5:50 PM

Everyday I check old journals to see if I wrote on that day a year, two years, five years ago.  Some days there are entries in past journals, some times there are huge gaps in when I last wrote.  As I do every day, this morning I checked my journal and a year ago I asked this question of myself:

Am I ok with being by myself?

I am unsure as to why I wrote this question.  The prior entries talk about how happy and excited I was about building my Scentsy business.  My sister and I had just traveled to Idaho to visit Scentsy headquarters and attend Director Bootcamp.  So, I am unsure as to why, in the middle of all this happiness, I asked myself that question.

I get asked all the time - "are you dating anyone"? This question really isn't as easy to answer as a simple yes or no.  For the past 2 1/2 years God has been completely protective of me.  It isn't that I have met guys and I'm like no - they aren't for me. God hasn't even let any non-good things to come in front of my face. This initially wasn't my prayer nor my desire, but now it is. I have asked God to completely protect me from the wrong person until the right person comes along.  I have to. I come as a 2-for-1 deal and you have to be right for me and my Munchkin. We're a package deal.

So here we are a year later to the day, and I can answer that question.

Niecy, you have never been by yourself.
 I know. I know. So cliche, right?

The reality of it is, I am not alone.  Every day there is a desire deep inside of me to experience marriage again, the right way.  Every day there is a strong desire in me to be with the one God has prepared me for.  That's just reality.  The desire, however, to please God and to keep Him first in my life is greater.

I'm still learning to be completely and madly in love with God.  I tried marriage the other way before. It didn't work.  I want to try it God's way the next time, and how can I do that unless I know how to love like God loves.

I'm in a season of being totally, madly in search of learning to love.  I want to be completely satisfied with God.  I want to be wooed by His unfailing love and completely covered in His presence so that I lack nothing.  I know then, and only then, can I compliment the man He has created just for me.

This is love.

17 May 2012

All in the Summer Plans

9:39 PM
Last summer I was working like a mad woman. When I look at my calendar, I was basically working in 3 different offices and was pulling 14-16 hour days. It was this madness that made me believe sending my 3 year old son to Baltimore with his dad for 6 weeks.  It all made sense. I was working like crazy, he was off from school, so instead of paying for a summer camp here, pay for one there and let him spend some good quality time with his family.

My journals from those 6 weeks only talk about one thing - how much I miss my son. How much my heart aches without him being home. How I literally didn't know what to do with myself without the questions, playing, laughing, cooking dinner, bathing, bed time.  It was hard.

Fast forward one year, and here we are on the brink of summer vacation.  This year, all I want is to spend time with my little man while he is off from school.  I mean the school year is crazy.  I'm up by 5:30,  journaling and praying, studying the Word. Lunch, clothes, backpacks packed. Munchkin's up, dressed, fed, and we're out the door by 7:15.  3:15 comes fast.  So this summer, I want our time.

I am looking forward to a simple summer.  Just me and him.  Two days ago, the idea came up from my mother-in-law that perhaps we come out for a week and go to the beach.  It sounded good but I made it very clear - there must be ground rules.  Those same ground rules are what would cause an explosion yesterday morning with him.  Power. Control. Who gets to decide what? I'm protective mama bear and dammit, the world is crazy out there. We play by my rules.

Power. Control. Who gets it?

So I went for my morning run. I was mad. Furious really. I started crying. Lord I really don't want this cross.  Power. Control. Then it hit me. At any moment, I can change how I view this situation. Power. Control. I can't lose that.

I'm tired of conceding. I'm tired of always making it work but how does it work if I don't make it happen?

Power. Control. I want it.

So by the end of the day me and him had a phone conversation. An actual phone conversation. We play by my rules. We don't have to come. I want my simple summer back.

I pulled out my journal and I wept. Lord. Why must this be so hard?

Today, I still don't have the answers but I found peace. Somewhere. Just because I'm crazy enough to believe that God will take care of it.

We will go visit this summer. I'm actually looking forward to it. On my terms.

Life lessons - all in the summer plans.

16 May 2012

12 May 2012

Now Reading - The Help

2:57 PM

 Amazing. Simply Amazing.

This book deserves all 5 stars Goodreads allows me, and if I could give it more, I would.  I began reading this book on a Friday evening, and by Monday night I was done. I could not put it down.  This, from someone who starts 3 books at a time and usually has one book that I am committed too and 3 others that I'm partially into, is no understatement.  The fact that this book kept me loyal for a full 3 days. It was just that good.  I felt myself feeling emotional with each scene. I was anxious, nervous, afraid, glad, upset, disappointed, excited.  Kathryn Stockett didn't just tell this story, she brought me, the reader, into the story. I often questioned how I would handle being the help. If I could do it.  I am so excited to finally watch the movie. I have a rule - no movie watching before book reading. It always ruins it when you do!

09 May 2012

Currently Reading - The Bluest Eye

11:16 AM

My latest read from the public library was Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye.  Without a need to discuss why Ms. Morrison has been bestowed the honor of the Nobel Prize winner in Literature and one of the distinguished recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom -  I will talk about the emotion I felt when reading this book.

Ms. Morrison depicts the grief of Pecola in such a colorful way, that throughout the story your heart wants to hug her.  It builds all the way to the ending of the book where the unimaginable happens, the very thing that would kill any girl's spirit, and ends with her unwavering belief that if she just had pretty eyes, good things would happen to her.

This was a fantastic book. I'm looking forward to picking up my next read from Ms. Morrison. Should it be Beloved or something else?

07 May 2012

Money Right May

5:50 AM
On May 1st - I started the 21 day financial fast for my third or fourth time since it was released in 2010.  I have never successfully completed it but I am determined to complete it this time.

So what is the 21 day financial fast?  Michelle Singletary, Washington Post Financial columnist and amazing woman of God, wrote this book - The Power to Prosper, 21 Days to Financial Freedom.  The whole purpose of the book is to refrain from spending on anything that is not a necessity for 21 days.  That means if you forget to pack your lunch, you don't get to run down to the bistro in your office building. It means if you run our of coffee creamer and want to just run through Starbucks instead - you better divert that $4.50 spent on a Caramel Mach to purchasing a bottle of caramel mach creamer at the grocery store that will last you a week, versus that one drink lasting you 10 minutes.

It's about behavior changes and being conscious in your choices.  I went the first 4 days without spending anything except for the purchase of gas and some business supplies through my business account.  I am determined to be successful at this because I want to help mentor you to take control of your financial freedom.

Day 5 while in my hometown this weekend, I bought some nachos and Mexican soda pop for me and Munchkin to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I spent $9 and have total guilt over it. It was selfish and a choice I could have chosen not to make - but I rationalized with myself until I made it ok.  The good thing is - the next day - I was able to pick right back up and recommit.

I learned a few valuable lessons my first week of the financial fast:

1. You have to prepare. If I am prepared by shopping smart at the grocery store for the week, I have everything I need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
2. You have to prepare. The nights and mornings where I prepared my breakfast and dinner ahead of time, left me feeling empowered. The mornings where I didnt, I had to seriously fight the temptation to stop at my favorite breakfast burrito spot.
3. Get focused. Why is it that you want to change your financial behaviors? Keep a journal about how you feel about things. My focus is that I can't claim to run a virtuous home and be living in debt. One has to go and I vote that the debt be the one!

I would love to hear if you are interested in joining a financial fast, what your reasons for fasting would be, and what your purpose for changing your financial behaviors will be your driving force.

01 May 2012

Oh What A Night - Girls Night Out 2012

3:37 PM
This past Friday night, I was honored to be a Dash of Diva sponsor for this year's Girls Night Out benefiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico. I say honored - because RMH is such a magnificent organization, and as a fundraising consultant, I'm a lover of well organized events.

Girls Night Out is a wonderful event in Albuquerque that takes place at the Hard Rock Hotel. Dillards, Mark Pardp, and other great vendors are there. The event boasts something spectacular for every attendee. You can purchase VIP tickets and get exclusive pre-shopping and receive a goodie bag full of sponsor goodies, you can purchase tickets for dinner in Uptown and ride the chartered party buses over, or you can purchase a general ticket and experience a fabulous time!

A big shout to the staff of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico. They did a fantastic job!

Here's a few photos from the evening-

To learn more about the Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico visit their website.

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