09 May 2012

Currently Reading - The Bluest Eye

My latest read from the public library was Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye.  Without a need to discuss why Ms. Morrison has been bestowed the honor of the Nobel Prize winner in Literature and one of the distinguished recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom -  I will talk about the emotion I felt when reading this book.

Ms. Morrison depicts the grief of Pecola in such a colorful way, that throughout the story your heart wants to hug her.  It builds all the way to the ending of the book where the unimaginable happens, the very thing that would kill any girl's spirit, and ends with her unwavering belief that if she just had pretty eyes, good things would happen to her.

This was a fantastic book. I'm looking forward to picking up my next read from Ms. Morrison. Should it be Beloved or something else?

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