12 May 2012

Now Reading - The Help


 Amazing. Simply Amazing.

This book deserves all 5 stars Goodreads allows me, and if I could give it more, I would.  I began reading this book on a Friday evening, and by Monday night I was done. I could not put it down.  This, from someone who starts 3 books at a time and usually has one book that I am committed too and 3 others that I'm partially into, is no understatement.  The fact that this book kept me loyal for a full 3 days. It was just that good.  I felt myself feeling emotional with each scene. I was anxious, nervous, afraid, glad, upset, disappointed, excited.  Kathryn Stockett didn't just tell this story, she brought me, the reader, into the story. I often questioned how I would handle being the help. If I could do it.  I am so excited to finally watch the movie. I have a rule - no movie watching before book reading. It always ruins it when you do!

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