31 May 2012

Pinteresting - Muchkin Snacks

So my little boy turns 4 in 5 days, but he eats like he's 15 already!  I've been in proposal writing, reporting, and researching mode all day, so I decided to test the waters of what it would be like to have him home while I'm trying to do focused work.  It worked out well.  The only issue  is that every 2 minutes he comes next to me and says "mommy, I'm hungry".

So after hearing this for about 8 hours today and stopping to get up and make something, I remembered this cool idea I saw on Pinterest.  This will save me a considerable amount of time to make some convenient, and healthy, snacks in the morning, put them at Munchkin level in the fridge so when I hear the inevitable words "mommy, I'm hungry". I can say - hey - there's a snack in the fridge that I made just for you!

Do you have any fun, convenient, and healthy snack ideas?

Do share.

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