18 June 2012

2012 Cherry Festival

This weekend my sister and I packed up our families and our cars and drove down south to Alamogordo.  This is our second time working the High Rolls Cherry Festival in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico, and we love it.

We also worked the Apple Festival in High Rolls last October, and it was fun to see how we've built up a little bit of a customer base that looks forward to us being there each year.  I think this will become a regular tradition in our business!

We had many enthusiastic shoppers and even had a bunch of people show interest in joining our team.  

You can see my car was packed tight.  The little boy was asleep before we made it out of the drive-way.


Imagine having this as your office for the weekend.

One of our new customers walked into our booth and saw the bar display and said "I'm in heaven. If I wasn't in my right mind I would buy one of each!".  

Our poor mountain communities across the state are suffering from extreme forest fires and extremely dry conditions.  We loved seeing Smokie the Bear out at the Festival. Smokie says no to forest fires and Scentsy says no to house fires!   Saturday it rained and it poured during the afternoon.  It was hard to be upset about the rain because we knew our forest needed it so badly. Pray for our state and those whose homes are in jeopardy.

...and the best part of this trip is that we get to spend quality time with our Queen, our Granny.  The kids didn't want to leave this morning (I'm sure it has something to do with her amazing cooking and all the fun things to do there).

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