29 June 2012

Cherry Garcia 5k

How did I forget to write about my most recent 5k? The first one of this year?  This past Sunday, my dear friend Alison and I laced up our running sneakers and met at the Cherry Garcia 5k course.  It was exciting for us both as this was her first race and I have been on again and off again with my torn calf.  Here we are just aftering registering.

We got there fairly early and laughed at how serious some of the runners were.  I definitely run more for fun than for the seriousness of the sport, but much respect to those who take it very seriously.  Here's us posing at the finish line before we began:

We watched the 10k runners take off before we began our race.  Wow is all I can say. Kudos to them.  I was glad I wasn't in that race yet - I need to train much more.  Here's us getting lined up for our race:

It was a great course along the valley.  A flat road course, definitely want to do it again.

Alison whooped by butt my clocking it at 32 minutes.  I clocked is at 33:39.  My strategy was to start out strong because I knew either way I would fade, and I surely did.  I need more training.  Seriously.

I'm proud of my time and look forward to training for the next race in July, which is the Chunky Monkey 5k and is on the same course. That'll be a sure test of how much I've improved.

Last night I watched the Olympic Qualifiers for the 500m.  Those girls ran it in 15:19 and above! I have one word for them - AMAZING!

Now I definitely know I run for fun! 


  1. I thought for some reason that this was your first 5-K! Regardless, I imagine tearing a calf is not fun, so I'm glad you are recovering! And congrats to Alison on her first race! I love the man in the Hawaiian shirt photo-bombing your picture!

  2. Thanks Amy! It was my first "official" race with a timing device and everything. I tore my calf playing volleyball and it's everything they say it is. I thought someone shot me in my leg. Him and his daughter were great. They were totally plotting the whole race! I'm looking forward to being inspired by your great blog!


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