19 June 2012

An InstaReminder


Sometimes life has a way of really trying to come at you.  Often, it is in the form of other's words.  Sometimes I am left with my tear streaked face wondering, why do people get me so wrong?  Why am I misunderstood.  Often during these times I can hear the Lord whisper to me, "there is nothing wrong with you. You are who I say you are. They need only to look in the mirror".

These words in the pictures above were a beautiful reminder that as a Daughter of God, nothing really matters what others say about you.  Yes people will try to defame your character. Who cares? I'm not talking about having haters. I'm talking about people being assigned by the enemy to try and break your spirit.  

Remember, he is out there like a lion going back and forth devising ways to bring us down.  It is important for us to constantly remind ourselves that God's purpose for our lives always prevails.  You are strong. You are beautiful. You are worth.  You are valuable.  You are loveable.  Your are treasured. Your are a Daughter of God. Anything else doesn't matter.

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