27 June 2012

Summer Siesta Bible Study 2012 - Nehemiah - A Heart that Can Break

After praying about it and praying about it some more, God led me to join this year's Summer Siesta study with Beth Moore as we travel through Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break. Beth is one of my all-time favorite Bible girls - a woman who knows her Word.  I first started using her studies when I first moved home in 2009 when I studies A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place.  That study helped me heal - ALOT - from the separation I was going through with my husband.

I am excited to yield my flesh to the Spirit and to dive into the Word. There's something about being tugged at to ask other ladies to join me that I feel like something major is going to happen. Accountability has just sky-rocketed.

Our group will share the answers to our discussion through an online Facebook group. The group is totally private and allows us to all connect in spite of our crazy busy schedules.

I am so grateful for the women who have agreed to join me on this journey. Lord I pray that you do something amazing in their lives. Honor their commitment, honor their decision to get to know You and Your Word more closely. Lord I pray that our lives are never the same after this summer. Your Will Lord. Your Way. Amen.

Head on over to the LPM blog to see if you'd be interested in joining. It's not too late. Our first assignment is open for 2 weeks. That's plenty of time for us to add you to the Facebook group and for you to get your book ordered. Just leave a comment saying you want in - and I'll add you to the group.

Thank you Lord.

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