21 June 2012

Why I believe in this opportunity now more than ever...

Last week my sister and I were invited to an opportunity night for another network marketing company.  We wouldn't have gone, but our dear friend and host wasn't certain that it was a "direct selling" company.  That's ok.  I love the chance to get to know about other companies out there and to meet others who are interested in building their dreams.

Over the past two years, I have been drinking up every bit of knowledge I can get my hands on about this industry.  I want to know the different compensation plans, the different methods of marketing a business, whether a business is focused primarily on "residual" income or do they have a consumable product that people actually want, etc.  I suggest anyone seriously considering joining a company get to know the industry this way.

One thing I've definitely learned, if a company offers a fast way to get rich, it's probably too good to be true.  If a company pushes residual income way more than they talk about building a strong business that starts with your customer base and builds up to you sharing the blessing you have received and teaching other's to do the same, it's probably too good to be true.

I recently watched as a company I was affiliated with a few years ago ended it's consultant portion of the business, leaving many people I had grown to know without that extra income. I had whispers from God about that company before I even joined.  I've never felt that with Scentsy.  Scentsy is growing....and growing fast.  

Here's what I've learned over the past two years and why I know God brought Scentsy to me....

1. We are first rewarded for our own personal sales.  This means you must walk the talk first, and show those who are trusting you that it can be done.

2. In order for a sponsor to receive a bonus on anyone they introduce to the business, they have to first show them how to make money.  I have been involved with companies and seen many friends enter and exit companies whose primary focus is signing people up. You get paid a percentage of that person's enrollment fee but then you know what happens?  That person is never shown how to grow their business, how to make money of their own, and how to share the opportunity with others.  Once the sponsor gets paid that enrollment fee...that's it.  With Scentsy, it is our culture to help each other reach our dreams.

3. We are all top earners.  Of course, there are some of us in the company who earn way more than others....right now...but if you are joining Scentsy because you need to earn an extra $400 a month to make your car payment...you are a top earner.  If you need to earn $2,000 a month to stay at home with your children...you are a top earner.  Whatever your need is - once you set the goal and achieve it - you are a top earner.  I hate to see companies mass enrolling people and only a few make it to the top.  You can look at the Scentsy rolls where everyday, ordinary people have done extraordinary things.  No shiny BMW needed.  That's what I call opportunity.

This morning I wrote in my prayer journal that I hope God will show me more people and help me reach more women to help change their lives.  I know so many single moms out there struggling. It's time for a change. I wouldn't have done this for the past 2 years if I didn't have the God-confidence that it is changing my life and can change yours.

Read my Scentsy story, although it is changing every single day, and decide if you are ready to write your own.

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