30 July 2012

Introducing Grace Adele

5:37 PM
I have so much to share with you from Light it Up Scentsy Family Convention in Las Vegas this past week, but first, an announcement that cannot wait. 

On Thursday, we all waited for a new brand to be announced.  Last year at Convention in Fort Worth, Orville Thompson (CEO of Scentsy) announced that Scentsy would be adding a new brand that would be the "most successful launch in direct selling history".  In May, Velata, the fun fondue company was launched, and it has already done more business in 3 months than Scentsy Wickless did in its first 3 years!

So we were excited. We knew Scentsy Home Office had cooked up something good.  Grace, the Thompson's youngest daughter took the stage and talked about how her birthday is generally celebrated around convention.  She is 9 and has basically grown up with our 8 year old company.  Then, she introduced our new brand by saying "...but this time they have gone to far. They are using my name for the new company". At that time "Grace" appeared all over the screens and SuperStar Directors and previous Shining Stars Awardees started a full out fashion show.

There was so much screaming and excitement it feels like a daze.  I wasn't sure if I could get excited about selling handbags and accessories until Orville and Heidi came out, and in their great way, explained how it will work.

In their super generous way - they gave us all a handbag, clutch, necklace, keychain, mirror accessory, and more!

This is me reallly excited!

This is something that is one of a kind.  One bag can be worn almost 7 different ways with our accessorizing clutches and accessories. I am so excited!

It is hard to explain how great the new line in on the computer. I simply can't type fast enough.  If you would like to see the line up close and personal please let me know. I would love for you to host a party and see it all as soon as August 1st hits!

 I am so excited to start spreading the new brand.  I flew home in my new Grace Adele shirt because I want everyone to start recognizing it. 

Today I added one of the accessories, a cute mirror, to an old Nine West bag I had just to give it new life.

You can shop all my brands in one spot.

So one of the other reasons I'm so super excited is because so many people say "oh if only I had joined when you joined, or when Scentsy first started". In fact, I have said that myself.  As I sat there and listened to this announcement, I started crying because we were just given a new opportunity.  A true ground floor opportunity.  Everything I've ever wanted. To be a member of the Founder's Circle, to reach the top level and help as many women as I can gain financial freedom, I can do and there is nothing to stop me.

For me this is what it is all about. Doing what I love, how I love it, on my terms, without having to answer to anyone, and to help others do the same. I want to be able to take my son on cool vacations, I want us to have our own home, I want to be able to take him to Baltimore to see his family whenever he wants to. This is why I am so excited. 

Scentsy Family Brand is doing something that has never been done before.  We now have 3 brands, one downline, and one commission.   You don't have to sell each brand, you can choose which brands meet your passion, and build a team with any of the brands even if you don't sell them! How cool is that!

Do you love fashion and also have thought about becoming an entrepreneur. This is a fabulous opportunity for you. Why don't you consider joining my team on August 1st?

I'll also be creating a Youtube video tomorrow because truly - words can't convey how excited I really am!

I'm super excited to start styling my wardrobe with my new accessories. Every time I get dressed - I'll be marketing my business!

Necklace by Grace Adele


8:57 AM
Hi everyone! OMG. I have so much to write to you about Scentsy Convention in Las Vegas, our newset brand Grace Adele, life, life, and more life.

I am also on major deadlines with 5 proposals due today and two federal grants due next week. So please bare with me and forgive me when you do read my upcoming posts and they seem out of date!


25 July 2012

Light it Up Scentsy Convention Day 1.

11:38 PM
We are here! What a day it has been. My trip started out great because the pastor of my son's school were on the same flight. We had a fantastic talk about the Word, our children, and life. He prayed for us before we stepped foot off the plane and I felt in my spirit this would be a great trip!

We checked in to our room here at Treasure Island and then met up with some of our team members at Fashion Mall. We just ate at the food court there and walked around. I know - I come to Vegas to eat at Panda Express. ::serious side eye::

We walked around for a little and then headed back to our hotel to get ready to head to the Convention Center. While at our hotel we heard rumblings from some of our friends that registration was taking 2 1/2 hours. This was almost unbelievable until we walked in to the Convention Center and saw the lines! This has never happened in the two years I've been with Scentsy! Usually you just walk up to the kiosk with your last name and get your registration packet. Here was lesson 1: take what comes at you and roll with it. I came to Vegas to attend Scenty convention. This is the work I love to do. Once we reached the front of the line two hours later - a woman not with me thanked me for continuing to smile. When I got to the kiosk - I thanked the Scentsy staff member for sticking to it. That's what we do in this company. Plus - in sure Heidi and Orville heard all about from their executive team.

After we made it through registration w picked up our commemorative warmers - Ill post a picture soon - registered our smart badges - get ready for massive Facebook updating - and headed to the Scentsy success store.

The kick-off started at 7 and was awesome. DJ (?) opened us up, the. The awesome neon glowing dance group from AGT came to stage and it was AWESOME. Heidi and Orville just enjoy having fun with us! They played an awesome trick on the Shining Star finalists and I already had tears in my eyes listening to the stories of these amazing 7 women. We thought we were going to find out about Brabd X - but if you've been with Scentsy - you know not much will be revealed on opening night.

We closed and all 12,000 of us headed out the center to Hotel Las Vegas for a night of dancing, fellowship, and world-class entertainment.

We didn't go to HLV. We decided to return to our hotel, get our Shining Star that is traveling here with her 8 month, settled, and grabbed a bite at Kahunaville. We're here in the room now and everyone is knocked out while I type! Day 1 of Scentsy Convention 2012 is in the books. More to come tomorrow!

I'm sooo grateful for all of our team members who came with us. I am so excited about how this will light all of our fires!

I'll edit and move the photos around when I get home. I'm posting from my phone right now and can't do that!

Also - my body is now spoiled with eating semi-clean. I look 8 months pregnant in most the photos because I've been bloated all day! TMI? Ok. My bad.

Have a great night from the City that never sleeps.

Gone to Convention

4:47 AM
So we are all up here and ready to head to the airport for Scentsy Convention 2012 - Light it Up - in Las Vegas!

I am so excited to see all our team and our Scentsy brothers and sisters there.  If you're connected to be on social media - expect to see tons of updates as we will have new product reveals and entirely new brand announced! Scentsy is blazing the trail in direct sales.  We will now have 3 companies, with 3 different product offerings, and you get to maintain one downline and one commission! Wahooo!

I'll try to update here while I'm in Vegas - but I'm not taking my laptop so it'll just be from the blogger app on my phone.

If you would like to order some Scentsy while I'm out - just visit my website! I'll send you a special gift when I return.

24 July 2012

Coffee with Christ

6:25 AM

We all grew up reciting scriptures like "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God".  We knew to say "God is grace, God is good, now we thank Him for our food" and "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep".  This early knowledge of communicating with God is our first understanding of what it means to talk to the Lord.  I love it. My son prays every day. In the morning we say "this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!" Then we let out a big THANK YOU LORD and Hallelujah shout.  

Somewhere along the line in our childhood, teen years, adulthood we forget this purity of talking to God. Maybe I should just speak for myself and say I forgot the purity of just simply communicating with God.  I have always been one to pray - whether asking for something, in trouble, or expressing gratitude, I have always prayed - but I have never set aside a time for me and Him. Like a date, you know?  Everything else in my life was on a schedule - I knew what time I would work out, what meetings I had, even writing projects were timed out by the hour, but my time with God - no where on the calendar.

As I began to want to get closer to God, to cultivate my relationship with Him, and actually start getting to know Him more, the first thing I realized was I need to reserve a designated time where God and I "meet in the garden".  I realized when I wake up my first action is to check my phone. I was more concerned with what other people had to say than what God said.  Wow. That sounds really bad as I write - but it is the truth.  So I had to check myself. God kept planting in my spirit saying "seek Me.". 

So the first thing I did was set a time for me and God.  I found it extremely difficult at first because I used to wake when Munchkin woke, and we all know that when they wake up, quiet time is rare.  So I set an alert on my calendar for 5:25 every morning to meet with My Lord at 5:30 every day.

It's not always easy. There are some mornings where I just want to hit snooze, over and over and over again. Sometimes I do. If anyone knows how imperfect I am - it's God.  Yesterday was one of those morning where snooze was my best friend.  I got Munchkin off to camp, went for my run, and rushed off to work.  By the end of the day I was longing to spend time with Him.  It's just like an earthly relationship - when you're with the one you love, you miss them while you are away from them.

Some people may think I'm turning into a bit radical. I am. Yes - I'd rather spend a Saturday night hanging with Munchkin and studying the Word, then getting drunk and acting crazy. Trust me, I've tried it the other way.

23 July 2012

Just Bumping Around Town

9:07 PM
This weekend I attended the new exhibit opening at the African American Performing Arts Center: Working on the Rails.

It is a beautiful exhibit and I was so glad to see members of the community come out to the opening reception.  The exhibit is a must see - detailing much of the history of African American's dedication in building a successful railroad industry. Some of the information will astound you.

Here are a few photos from the evening:

In Baltimore, much of my work focused on social justice issues.  As I built my consulting firm here in Albuquerque, much of my work has been focused on the arts, and I'm so grateful to learn more about the arts. I'm fascinated really.

I hope you all had a great weekend and maybe, just maybe, enjoyed some art!

21 July 2012

Mommy Confessions - Those Books Lie!

7:09 AM
Good Saturday morning! I'm joining the Browsing Brunette for a link up party about true Mommy Confessions and as soon as I saw the topic I knew what I would write about.

First, let me say - I love being a mommy.  I love my child and think he is the greatest gift in the world. I'm so obsessed with him that people think I have four kids as much as I talk about my one. 

Now - for today's post.  I have always said one day I am going to write a book about the real side of becoming a mommy.  I LOVED being pregnant, and I read every book out there about what to expect while I was expecting, how to be a fabulous mom, yadi yadi ya!  Then he came. He was amazing. He didn't sleep. He was always hungry. I wasn't producing enough milk. He wasn't pooping....and those books went out the window!

Where was the talk about how exhausted I would be? Where were the real stories.

Yes, I woke up and realized I had fallen asleep while breastfeeding my son and he had slipped.
Yes, I know what it is like to have to stimulate your baby to poop and getting poop squirted all over you after your mother and mother-in-law just left.

Yeah - why didn't they tell me to expect that?  Oh the joys. I loved every minute of it because he was my first.  When people ask me if I will have more kids - I honestly don't know.  I think part of me was able to go through all of this because he was my first, and when its your first you just do. I don't know if I can do that again.

My little bambino 4 years ago!

What do others say?

20 July 2012

Friday Files

5:12 PM
What an exhausting week this has been. I am not complaining - but it just has been.  Monday I spent all day in a clients office and it was draining. I returned on Tuesday and felt if I spent another moment inside I would scream. Sometimes all you can do is pray to be the light.  So I stole away for a few moments to enjoy lunch on the balcony. I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did.

I was also packing up my house this weekend in preparation for our move.  I had clothes everywhere. Some had already been moved, some packed, some still hanging in my closet.  I was forced to just put things together - which usually for me creates the best outfits.

You know I can't go a week without sharing good food with friends. That would be like killing a foodie like me.  We were going to try a new restaurant in Nob Hill but decided we wanted Sushi on our way there.

I am so glad to be home now. My little one is taking a nap and I'm sitting here enjoying a glass of Moscato and watching the news of this mass shooting in Aurora, CO.  All day I've been shining a big bucket of light and love on the town and people there. I don't know what the world is coming to, but I am convinced now is a good time to pray.

I hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend.

What are your Friday Files?  How was your week? Are you excited the weekend is here?

18 July 2012

Updated with Recipe - Dip baby Dip?

7:43 AM
If you haven't heard, which by now if you are connected to me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you have - on May 1st Scentsy introduced a new brand called Velata.  Velata is a fun fondue company based on the same principle as our Scentsy warmers - simplicity.  Boy has having a Velata warmer and its premium Belgium chocolate at home made desert simple.  Some nights after dinner - Munchkin will say "mom, can we Scentsy". I know he means Velata. Dip. Strawberries. Graham Crackers and whatever goodness we can find.

The other day one of my Scentsy/Velata sisters posted an amazing photo of a chocolate martini and she used Velata chocolate shavings to top it off.  Yummo!

I want to be sure to give Debra Sherman full credit for this recipe!

1 part uv cake vodka (was out of absolut vanilla)
1 part Godiva liqueur
1/2 part of creme de cacao
A squirt of Hershey syrup
Shake it up..and keep shaking. Get that arm workout in'
Shave up velata chocolate (use a grater or food processor) I chose dark chocolate :0) place the shavings In a small bowl.

Rim the martini glass (or glass of choice) with Hershey syrup. I pour syrup in a tiny "bowl" and dip the rim in it.

Dip the rim into the chocolate shavings of choice. Then place in the freezer for 5 minutes (just so it hardens)

Pour your amazing martini mixture in the rimmed glass and top it of with the rest of the velata shavings. I used alcohol infused chocolate whipped cream in the center and topped it off with a velata chocolate disc. Absolutely amazing!

So I wanted to see what else people would dip.  What would you dip in white, dark, caramel milk, or milk chocolate? Leave me a comment here telling me your favorite dipper, follow my blog, and I'll choose a lucky winner of a Velata warmer and bag of Velata premium Belgium chocolate of your choosing!

Pickle? Yes?
Churros...of course!
Chips - delish! Even better if they are bbq.

17 July 2012

Chunky Monkey 5k

10:58 AM
I was so excited to get to work this morning and write, but instead here I am at 9:30 pm typing on my phone because I turned my internet off in preparation for our move this week. (Now it's Tuesday morning. Bad blogger me.)
I accidentally took this picture. Insta!
Sunday I laced up my running shoes for the second 5k of the summer. This was the sequel to the Cherry Garcia race I ran in last month.

Photo Courtesy of Munchkin Photography
I was excited and a little nervous for the race. Since I've really been devoting time to training I wanted to do good, and I set a goal to finish under 30 minutes. I was excited because I thought I knew what to expect with it being the same course as last month.

That was the first big surprise. The race coordinators listened to the feedback from last month and completely separated the 5k and 10k races. (Amy you would have approved). So us 5-kers headed East towards 12th street. It was hot but after I ran 5 miles without stopping last week on my birthday, I was determined not to walk at all, because I realize that's just a mental deficiency I have.

I ran with my friend Alison again, and she was in the zone. She ran up next to me and I was waving at her and she was so focused she didn't notice! Everyone around me was looking at me like who is this chick yelling "hey, hey".

I felt much better this time. I still need to work on my body posture. I feel like I have great moments where I'm running like a real runner, but most times I'm just flailing around trying to make it.

I was extremely happy to find out I improved my time by 3 minutes. That makes the training worth it.

So tomorrow today I'll get back up and start the training program again. 3 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles, and 6 miles this week.

Oh, and I was even able to enjoy a little Cherry Garcia. (last time I felt like the bottom of my stomach was falling out).

I'm trying to make plans to run in the Black Girls Run 10k race in Atlanta in September, but I'm waiting to hear if we are being selected for the New Mexico State Fair again to sell Scentsy. They are taking forever this year! Argh. I missed the discounted registration today waiting to hear from them.

I'll keep you posted!

P.S. I ran in my new Brooks running gear for the first time that I purchased on my birthday through the REI outlet.  The shirt is super comfy and the shorts are too - but they are a little short. I have to admit I was concerned that those running behind me would have to see my buttox. (oops)

Please forgive the messy bed. There was a little Munchkin asleep in it while I was getting ready!
My Nike shorts are definitely my favorite of the two.

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