18 July 2012

Updated with Recipe - Dip baby Dip?

If you haven't heard, which by now if you are connected to me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you have - on May 1st Scentsy introduced a new brand called Velata.  Velata is a fun fondue company based on the same principle as our Scentsy warmers - simplicity.  Boy has having a Velata warmer and its premium Belgium chocolate at home made desert simple.  Some nights after dinner - Munchkin will say "mom, can we Scentsy". I know he means Velata. Dip. Strawberries. Graham Crackers and whatever goodness we can find.

The other day one of my Scentsy/Velata sisters posted an amazing photo of a chocolate martini and she used Velata chocolate shavings to top it off.  Yummo!

I want to be sure to give Debra Sherman full credit for this recipe!

1 part uv cake vodka (was out of absolut vanilla)
1 part Godiva liqueur
1/2 part of creme de cacao
A squirt of Hershey syrup
Shake it up..and keep shaking. Get that arm workout in'
Shave up velata chocolate (use a grater or food processor) I chose dark chocolate :0) place the shavings In a small bowl.

Rim the martini glass (or glass of choice) with Hershey syrup. I pour syrup in a tiny "bowl" and dip the rim in it.

Dip the rim into the chocolate shavings of choice. Then place in the freezer for 5 minutes (just so it hardens)

Pour your amazing martini mixture in the rimmed glass and top it of with the rest of the velata shavings. I used alcohol infused chocolate whipped cream in the center and topped it off with a velata chocolate disc. Absolutely amazing!

So I wanted to see what else people would dip.  What would you dip in white, dark, caramel milk, or milk chocolate? Leave me a comment here telling me your favorite dipper, follow my blog, and I'll choose a lucky winner of a Velata warmer and bag of Velata premium Belgium chocolate of your choosing!

Pickle? Yes?
Churros...of course!
Chips - delish! Even better if they are bbq.

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