09 July 2012

A Family Affair

Look at his form!
As the summer began a month or so ago and I realized my summer routine was now out the door with Munchkin being home - I tried to figure out how I would maintain my running routine that I had built up during the school year. (Remember me saying God can't stay home with him when I need to run out)? :-)

Our first time out I laced up my running shoes, got Munchkin ready and on his bike and we headed out. I thought surely I can get at least 2 miles in with him riding his bike as much as he loves to do that.  Well, after about 5 steps (literally) he started complaining about being tired and needed a break.  Then it was I was running too fast. We made it the half mile (exaggerating a bit) to the park and that was our final destination.  I felt like all the hard work I had been putting in to get into running shape was soon going to go down the drain.

So a few weeks went by and I just didn't not want to run.  I've been sneaking off for a quick run while Munchkin is at my parents house.  Our neighbor and friends have taken him for a bike ride/walk while I'm out running.

On the fourth of July I was scheduled to do a short 3 mile run and instead of taking Munchkin to my parents house I decided to load up Munchkin's bike, fill up our water bottles and head to the local high school track.  It was a great idea.

Munchkin enjoyed riding his bike around the track, I enjoyed that I could see him from any angle, and it was a win-win for us both.  He was so excited to see me running, and would stop riding every now and then to run with me for a short while and cheer me on.

Running on the track is not my favorite thing but it is worth it so that Munchkin and I can get moving together.  I'll settle for a short run there every week so that he can come along.

What are you and your family doing to stay fit and get moving this summer?

See where the arrow is pointing? There's a little boy running there.

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