25 July 2012

Gone to Convention

So we are all up here and ready to head to the airport for Scentsy Convention 2012 - Light it Up - in Las Vegas!

I am so excited to see all our team and our Scentsy brothers and sisters there.  If you're connected to be on social media - expect to see tons of updates as we will have new product reveals and entirely new brand announced! Scentsy is blazing the trail in direct sales.  We will now have 3 companies, with 3 different product offerings, and you get to maintain one downline and one commission! Wahooo!

I'll try to update here while I'm in Vegas - but I'm not taking my laptop so it'll just be from the blogger app on my phone.

If you would like to order some Scentsy while I'm out - just visit my website! I'll send you a special gift when I return.

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