05 July 2012

Inspiring Youth

My goodness time is flying by.  These summer days seem to be checking themselves off the calendar one by one. I hope you are enjoying every moment of it.

Last Friday, since it's almost this Friday, I attended the Voces Summer Institute's closing program at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.  Can I just tell you how inspired I am by these youth?  The program is in its 11th year at the Center, started by Dr. Shelle Sanchez, Director of the Education Program.  Writing about the program, I could not fully grasp its magnitude. Oftentimes as a grant writer you get so focused on thinking how a funder thinks - impact, how many, who, why, - and so when you begin to answer these questions you sometimes don't fully believe - about 20-30 teenagers, from Albuquerque, learning to write.  I forget it is my job to color it so the funder understands yes 20-30 teenagers, intense programming, huge impact.

Last Friday helped me. These young folk challenged me. The emotions I felt that night - from laughter, to goosebumps, to tears, made me want to be a better fundraiser, a better grant writer, a better person that I committed to be when I started my consulting firm. A person that is the change I want to see in the world by helping organizations that align with my values be the change in our communities.

I owe these young, talented artists a huge thank you.  I hope you'll take the time to engage in their work.  The program is in need of financial backing, so if you feel moved to provide your financial support - visit the National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation's website and denote that you would like your gift to be restricted to the Voces Summer Institute.  Thank you.

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