30 July 2012

Introducing Grace Adele

I have so much to share with you from Light it Up Scentsy Family Convention in Las Vegas this past week, but first, an announcement that cannot wait. 

On Thursday, we all waited for a new brand to be announced.  Last year at Convention in Fort Worth, Orville Thompson (CEO of Scentsy) announced that Scentsy would be adding a new brand that would be the "most successful launch in direct selling history".  In May, Velata, the fun fondue company was launched, and it has already done more business in 3 months than Scentsy Wickless did in its first 3 years!

So we were excited. We knew Scentsy Home Office had cooked up something good.  Grace, the Thompson's youngest daughter took the stage and talked about how her birthday is generally celebrated around convention.  She is 9 and has basically grown up with our 8 year old company.  Then, she introduced our new brand by saying "...but this time they have gone to far. They are using my name for the new company". At that time "Grace" appeared all over the screens and SuperStar Directors and previous Shining Stars Awardees started a full out fashion show.

There was so much screaming and excitement it feels like a daze.  I wasn't sure if I could get excited about selling handbags and accessories until Orville and Heidi came out, and in their great way, explained how it will work.

In their super generous way - they gave us all a handbag, clutch, necklace, keychain, mirror accessory, and more!

This is me reallly excited!

This is something that is one of a kind.  One bag can be worn almost 7 different ways with our accessorizing clutches and accessories. I am so excited!

It is hard to explain how great the new line in on the computer. I simply can't type fast enough.  If you would like to see the line up close and personal please let me know. I would love for you to host a party and see it all as soon as August 1st hits!

 I am so excited to start spreading the new brand.  I flew home in my new Grace Adele shirt because I want everyone to start recognizing it. 

Today I added one of the accessories, a cute mirror, to an old Nine West bag I had just to give it new life.

You can shop all my brands in one spot.

So one of the other reasons I'm so super excited is because so many people say "oh if only I had joined when you joined, or when Scentsy first started". In fact, I have said that myself.  As I sat there and listened to this announcement, I started crying because we were just given a new opportunity.  A true ground floor opportunity.  Everything I've ever wanted. To be a member of the Founder's Circle, to reach the top level and help as many women as I can gain financial freedom, I can do and there is nothing to stop me.

For me this is what it is all about. Doing what I love, how I love it, on my terms, without having to answer to anyone, and to help others do the same. I want to be able to take my son on cool vacations, I want us to have our own home, I want to be able to take him to Baltimore to see his family whenever he wants to. This is why I am so excited. 

Scentsy Family Brand is doing something that has never been done before.  We now have 3 brands, one downline, and one commission.   You don't have to sell each brand, you can choose which brands meet your passion, and build a team with any of the brands even if you don't sell them! How cool is that!

Do you love fashion and also have thought about becoming an entrepreneur. This is a fabulous opportunity for you. Why don't you consider joining my team on August 1st?

I'll also be creating a Youtube video tomorrow because truly - words can't convey how excited I really am!

I'm super excited to start styling my wardrobe with my new accessories. Every time I get dressed - I'll be marketing my business!

Necklace by Grace Adele

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