25 July 2012

Light it Up Scentsy Convention Day 1.

We are here! What a day it has been. My trip started out great because the pastor of my son's school were on the same flight. We had a fantastic talk about the Word, our children, and life. He prayed for us before we stepped foot off the plane and I felt in my spirit this would be a great trip!

We checked in to our room here at Treasure Island and then met up with some of our team members at Fashion Mall. We just ate at the food court there and walked around. I know - I come to Vegas to eat at Panda Express. ::serious side eye::

We walked around for a little and then headed back to our hotel to get ready to head to the Convention Center. While at our hotel we heard rumblings from some of our friends that registration was taking 2 1/2 hours. This was almost unbelievable until we walked in to the Convention Center and saw the lines! This has never happened in the two years I've been with Scentsy! Usually you just walk up to the kiosk with your last name and get your registration packet. Here was lesson 1: take what comes at you and roll with it. I came to Vegas to attend Scenty convention. This is the work I love to do. Once we reached the front of the line two hours later - a woman not with me thanked me for continuing to smile. When I got to the kiosk - I thanked the Scentsy staff member for sticking to it. That's what we do in this company. Plus - in sure Heidi and Orville heard all about from their executive team.

After we made it through registration w picked up our commemorative warmers - Ill post a picture soon - registered our smart badges - get ready for massive Facebook updating - and headed to the Scentsy success store.

The kick-off started at 7 and was awesome. DJ (?) opened us up, the. The awesome neon glowing dance group from AGT came to stage and it was AWESOME. Heidi and Orville just enjoy having fun with us! They played an awesome trick on the Shining Star finalists and I already had tears in my eyes listening to the stories of these amazing 7 women. We thought we were going to find out about Brabd X - but if you've been with Scentsy - you know not much will be revealed on opening night.

We closed and all 12,000 of us headed out the center to Hotel Las Vegas for a night of dancing, fellowship, and world-class entertainment.

We didn't go to HLV. We decided to return to our hotel, get our Shining Star that is traveling here with her 8 month, settled, and grabbed a bite at Kahunaville. We're here in the room now and everyone is knocked out while I type! Day 1 of Scentsy Convention 2012 is in the books. More to come tomorrow!

I'm sooo grateful for all of our team members who came with us. I am so excited about how this will light all of our fires!

I'll edit and move the photos around when I get home. I'm posting from my phone right now and can't do that!

Also - my body is now spoiled with eating semi-clean. I look 8 months pregnant in most the photos because I've been bloated all day! TMI? Ok. My bad.

Have a great night from the City that never sleeps.

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