08 July 2012

My Running Wish List

Yesterday was my 28th birthday!  To start it off I ran the longest distance I've ran so far - 5 miles.  Guess what? I didn't even stop. I'm such a heady person. Normally even on my 3 mile runs I talk myself into giving a little walk break because I'm sooooo tired - even though I really am not.

Yesterday I just ran. It may have had something to do with all of the people out on the bosque just being active, or the fact that I was feeling overwhelmingly blessed to see another year of life, but whatever it was - it felt great.

So I've been eyeing a few gear related things that I slowly want to incorporate into my tiny collection. If any of my runner friends have experience or feedback on any of these items - please let me know - whether good or bad.

I won't be running out and buying this all at once - but bit by bit hopefully.

1. Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS - Enabled Sport Watch (Pink of course)

I'm not really a fan of the big bulky Garmin's and while I love running, I love style more.  Of course, I also like my gear to have as much pink it is as it can.

2. Nike Women's Running Capris

I have a pair of the running leggings and love them but either my butt is getting bigger or I've been running too fast (haha) because a hole formed in the seam in the butt area.  :-0

These look super comfy, stylish, and just fun.

3. Nike Tempo Track Short

In every color! I have one pair of these shorts and love them.  Also, the built in mesh butt holder helps me not worry about my butt hanging out of the shorts - something you have to worry about when you are 6 feet tall!

4. Statement Tees

I love shirts that represent a little bit of my sass while I'm running. They get me fired up and feeling good!

5. Save Your Do Headband

So there's a truth that many Black women say they can't work out because they don't want to mess up their hair. I've always said you'd choose saving a hair do over your life? Ok. ::major side eye::  I'm not getting this headbad because I'm afraid of messing up my hair - but I do get schweaty. This morning their was sweat dripping in my eyes - not hot!  It is true that Black women don't wash our hair everyday, and so if I can minimize the amount of sweat in my hair - I'm all for it! Can't wait to give this a try.
So here's my short list for now. Again, I'd love to hear your feedback or any gear that you have that is essential to your running routine!

Happy Sunday.


  1. My comment disappeared! I totally thought I left one here for you yesterday...In case you didn't get it, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I love my Garmin 110. It isn't the fanciest, but it tells me what I need to know. If you are a member at REI, you can get into the scratch and dent sales (they hold them maybe twice a year). I got mine for like, $55.

    1. Thank you Amy! I appreciate you. Oh now you're talking. I love a bargain and you can't beat 55 bucks. I'm headed over to the REI site now to see what I have to do to become a member! Have a great day!


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