14 July 2012

A Return to Self: The history of my natural hair journey

Reposted from my old blog - I Am Queen

Originally posted on March 17, 2010

My natural hair journey actually began in 2006 when my stylist in Delaware, Ebon, encouraged me to stop relaxing my hair. He promised he would take really good care of my hair without relaxing it - so I haven't had a relaxer since September 2006.

With a stylist like Ebon, I used to get my hair done every two weeks and you couldn't even tell I wasn't relaxing it. I would drive from Baltimore to Delaware every other weekend on a pretty regular basis to get my hair done.

Here are some pictures from that time:

In Spring 2008 when I was six months pregnant, I decided the drive every other weekend was getting to be a bit much. So, I started asking about stylists in Baltimore who knew how to handle natural hair. I didn't want to sit in somebody's chair every other week and hear that I should relax my hair. A co-worker actually introduced me to her stylist, who not only knew how to style natural hair, but had a gorgeous head of natural hair herself. So, in March 2008 I started going to Kim in Owings Mills.

Here are a few photos from that time:

After having Munchkin, I started wanting to wear my hair curly more often. With a new born baby, it became increasingly difficult to find time to get to the salon, and when I straightened it I just felt like I was going to end up bald headed. So, I started searching for products and ways to style my hair.

Here are some photos from that time:

I had a lot of fun during this time. Whenever I look at these photos I always see a bit of radiance in myself that I don't always see when I'm straightening my hair. I guess I'm most comfortable being in my own skin.

This past summer, I visited Kim and she said my hair was breaking a lot in the back. I'm not sure what that was attributed to, but it most likely was because my hair was lacking the needed moisture. So, I had her trim my hair and started straightening it again. I bought a Red flat-iron, some Chi silk infusion and felt like I could live like this forever.

Here are some pictures from this time:

Pretty good, huh? The reality is, I'm not a hairstylist, so while I may be able to curl it to look good, I wasn't taking good care of it in order to have healthy hair. My dream is to have a head of thick, healthy, natural hair. Every now and then, I get tired of feeding into the stereotype that in order to have pretty hair you have to have long, straight hair. When I feel like that I'll wash my hair and pull it back:

But last week I decided my hair deserves more. So, I visited Kamaria Creations near Old Town, and got two-strand twists professionally done. I love them! I'm setting out to go a year without heat-styling my hair. Protective style for me it is.

Here's a few pictures of the twists:

One week later and my hair has grown like a weed. As a friend on Twitter commented: "happy hair will do that!". Indeed it will. So, I'm so excited, because tomorrow I'm going for my first ever FULL weave. I was concerned because I know nothing about buying hair, and I wasn't sure the hair I ended up getting was going to look good. Then I found this YouTube video discussing the exact hair I bought, and it eased my worries. The only other time I've had a weave was for my wedding, and even then it was just a partial weave to make a full bun.

So, I'll let you know about the weave experience tomorrow!

Until then, I'm enjoying rocking the twist-out:

Hair length update - December 2010

Please excuse the blurr and just focus on the hair! No trip to Baltimore is complete with a me driving North on 95 to see my favorite stylist, owner of Babe Styling Studio.  Here was my first time straightening my hair since committing to no heat in March 2010.

Hair lenth update - November 2011

I went back to Delaware last November for Homecoming at UD. Of course I stopped by to see Ebon at Babe.  He paid me the ultimate compliment by saying how great my hair was doing. 

P.S. I only allow Ebon to trim and straighten my hair, so this only happens once a year!


  1. First, I love the purpose of your blog! Just a lady wishing to build her home-the virtuous way! And yes your hair looks great!

    1. Thank you so much! Have a fabulous day!


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