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Ballet Pro Musica 2012

On Friday evening I attended the 6th Annual Ballet Pro Musical Festival  at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.  The evening was a total delight.  The Ballet Pro Musica Festival is the first and only summer ballet festival in America presenting a new and different arts entertainment category...
Chamber Music Ballet.  The Ballet is always performed with live music, which was an added treat.

Live Chamber Musicians    
Literally sitting right behind the piano player. I could read her music!
I joined my dear friends and fellow staff members at the NHCC Foundation for an evening to enjoy the programs without our working caps on.  Let me just say how blessed I am to work with such amazingly talented people like Reeve Love, Program Director of the Performing Arts Program at the NHCC, and Joseph Wasson, Jr., who is the Program Manager and manages all the productions that happen there.

A huge thank you to them for hooking us up with the best seats in the house. My photos don't do the performance any justice, but since I was in the front row and you aren't supposed to be taking pictures anyways, they'll just have to do! 

Front Row in the house

Love these girls!

The ballerinas were amazing. I mean so talented.  Our seats were perfect for nosey Niecy, because I am a total people watcher. I could see stage right from where I was seated, so when the opening curtain was pulled, I totally saw the lead male doing push-ups against a chair before going on stage! Only I would care about this!

I also never realized just how hard ballet dancers work. I mean there were times you could literally hear them breathing. The guys - that's a lot of lifting and such, and the girls, wow, they must have abs of steel. So I'm sure most people don't describe a graceful ballerina as having abs of steel, but I do.

Another great thing to see while i was backstage peeping was how funny it is to see the girls on stage being totally graceful, and when they get off stage just plop down in their tutus, with their legs spread apart, like "give me air!".  I think I loved watching all this behind the scenes action as I did the actual ballet!

 The performance was awesome. If you can, put it on your calendar for next year. 


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