07 August 2012


My sisters are on my heart tonight as I write, in fact they've been on my heart all day.  I often find trends among my friends on social media, and that's when I know God is telling me to speak.  Last week, a friend kept posting about what a good woman she is and how she is tired of dating men who don't see her value.  I began speaking from my spirit that day about the reality that if you have to tell a man what a good woman you are after he screwed you over, it's too late.  Sisters, we have to stop giving ourselves to men - our time, our attention, our bodies, and our hearts, that don't see our worth before they even approach.

Today I was led to post on Facebook - Dear Ladies, Don't allow any man to call you out of your name. God calls you His beloved. Anything lower than that is not your name and is not acceptable. Get connected to who God says you are.

From that post came many likes, and I believe sparked some other posts, which is what I pray God does through me.  However, I was a little heartbroken to see that women still feel the need to disclaim what kind of men shouldn't approach them.

So, ladies, let's get a few things clear.

1. You were created in the image of God. He loves every single detail about you. You don't need to convince, show, or do anything special to make a man see this. God already knows.  Let God love on you and you love on Him, and this natural, unique, one of a kind beauty will shine through.

2. Be so focused on loving God, that someone has to seek Him to find you.  Stop seeking him hoping he'll find you. That's not your focus. Seek God.

3. You are beloved. You know that. You feel it. You act like it. People who don't know how to treat beloved can't even come near you.

Ladies, you don't have to tell anyone of your worth. Your worth has already been set. Please stop feeling the need to write disclaimers.  What God has done needs no disclaimer.

I love you all.

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