14 October 2012

What I've Been Up To....other than neglecting my blog

Trying to save the world, ok?

No, really. I may not be trying to save the world, but I am working my hiney off to save the organization God has entrusted me with.

My days start with getting Munchkin to school at 7:45 and me getting home around 7 - 7:30 pm every night.  I have the best support system in the world in my parents and I'm so happy because I can't tell the difference between Friday and Monday because every day I love what I'm doing!

This all makes me laugh out loud at how God knew exactly what he was doing when He told me I needed to move back home with my parents for a bit. I kicked and screamed and fought Him the whole way home, but being back home with this new crazy schedule has made things a lot easier!  He prompted me to move home before I even interviewed for this job. I get it God. You're AWESOME and You know BEST!

So all is well in my little corner of the world. Better than well.  I want to tell you about the craziness that is me, my sister and my mom last weekend.

Last November I booked a huge show for us all the way in San Francisco.  Of course, when you're booking a show in November for October, it feels like a world away.  Well...it came. So last weekend my sister, my mom and I loaded up a Uhaul trailor, after I had a tow hitch installed on my car, and hit the road for CA. (to find out the drama of the Uhaul trailor, see my instagram).

We were so excited leaving at 5am, just us girls.  We rode down I-40 cruising, chatting, jamming to our favorite gospel tunes.  We hit Flagstaff, stopped for gas and breakfast, and kept it moving.  We were rolling.

Then we hit CA and CA gas prices! Yes. $4.89 a gallon.  We also thought, oh this is easy, we're almost there. Little did we know that we had 12 more hours to go to hit San Fran. Oh my.  I had a little bit of a breakdown at about 1am where I just got tired of it. I'm glad to report - it was all worth it!

At least Cali brings with it an In-N-Out burger on every exit.  I didn't get to truly enjoy it because I was driving - so I had to scarf down my cheeseburger - animal style!

Here's some photos from our fabulous trip. Best thing - we made it home safely! God is good.

Me & sissy poo at breakfast.
Me & my Mom at breakfast. 

Getting registered.
I'm in charge of warmers, my sister is in charge of sorting all the bars!

A little behind the scenes for you so you can see all we do to get set-up. 

Our Scentsy Superstore!
Winona Judd was one of the keynote speakers.
Me a very happy camper on the last day.
It's possible I was so happy the entire trip because we ate Cheesecake Factory on our first night there.
We did it! My sis and I became pro's at hooking up the trailor hitch!  


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