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30 Before 30

I have been meaning to create a bucket list for life, or a 30 before 30 list, but I've just been pretty lazy about doing it.  Between going through a divorce, being a single mommy, running two businesses, and just busying myself for the sake of busying myself, I just never got it done.

I've been inspired over the past week or so catching up on some of my favorite blogger's 2012 Bucket Lists like Amy at Lavender Parking and Ellen at Rain and Bows 30 Before 30 List.  I have this really crazy feeling, belief really, deep down inside that 2013 is going to be an AMAZING year.  Like I am seriously giddy about it!  So I decided a 30 Under 30 list is best suited for me.  That gives me 18 months to really get to live, and dreaming a bit bigger.

So here we go:

Ok. So you may think I'm cheating, but honestly, this has been one of my dreams since before I graduated from college.  I actually applied to be the Executive Director of one of the largest domestic violence programs in the country before I even graduated from undergrad. The fact that in 2012 I became the Executive Director of a domestic violence program here in New Mexico makes my heart happy, and I feel I should remind myself that I have accomplished something I've always dreamed of.

2. Be awarded a 30 Under 30 Award from one of the local magazines/publications etc.
Please. If you love me and honestly feel I'm worth it, nominate me.  Thank you.

3. Become debt free.
I hate debt. I really do. I wish I could walk into a restaurant and leave the server a $500 tip when the spirit leads me to, to pay for someone's groceries in line that seems to be struggling, or to financially pour into organizations whose work I strongly believe in.  Because I've always worked for the non-profit sector with amazing organizations, I know the impact that committed, individual donors make.

4. Buy a house paying cash.
I know this seems looney, but in hating debt, I'm also afraid to have a mortgage.  I already have one for our home in Baltimore.  After moving back home with my parents and loving having their support and help in raising Munchkin, I think I'm actually afraid of living on my own again.  Perhaps this dream is my subconscious making sure I don't rush and move out again like I did last year, but I don't know.  I really don't want debt, so I'm shooting for the stars!

5. Run a half marathon.
I'm not ready to put full marathon on this list, but I do hope that in the next 18 months that I run more than one half marathon, and I hope one of them is the Disney Princess Half at Disney World.  

6. Become a true yogi, gain a peaceful state of mind, and master inversions.
Enough said.

7. Save more than I spend.
I'm a spender. I always have been. Which is why I have debt.  Over the next 18 months I owe it to myself to save more than I spend. I really have everything I need. So I am focusing on saving more, spending much less, in order to help me cross off #3 and #4.

8. Take my son to Disneyland.
I originally wanted to take him to D-land for his 5th birthday, but since that is only 6 months away and I haven't started saving for it, I think it is going to have to wait.  Perhaps his 6th birthday.

9. Take a girls trip.
While being home in New Mexico near my family is the best decision I ever made, I miss my girlfriends on the East Coast.  We all turn 30 in two years spanning from April - August.  I really want us to take an extravagant girls trip to celebrate! Anguilla anyone?

10. Fall madly in love
So I know I have absolutely no control over this, but I'm so ready. I want that love where you can't wait to hear their voice, your heart smiles when you see you have a message from them, your belly aches from laughing uncontrollably around them, and your spirits leap at the amazingness that is you.  A girl can dream big, right?

11. Send hand written birthday cards
I used to be so good at this, and then Facebook happened. Now I suck. There's nothing like receiving a card in the mail showing that you took the extra moment to think of them.

These are the first 12 of my 30 before 30.  I need to work on the other 18, but these were the most pressing on my heart.  I'll add to it as the ideas flow to me.

Happy New Year! Make it amazing dawling!


  1. Your list is looking good. Keep going :)

    1. Thanks Stacy! I'm really excited about this year. I know you have some major life plans for this year too!


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