27 December 2012

Feliz Navidad

I'm back at the office after five days away at my Granny's house. I'm blogging from my phone because the cord to my MacBook overheated on Friday, and I need to set up an appointment at the Genius Bar.

How was your Christmas? If you connect with me on insta (niecytaylor) you know I had a falla lala time. Here's a recap:

We headed out on Saturday afternoon after I delivered all my Scentsy orders. I decided the 3 hour drive would make a great time to deep condition my hair!

Not long after making it out of the City limits, this was my traveling buddy:

What's a road trip without these?

We arrived to this:

The next morning my son and I went to church with my Granny. I am grateful for being raised in a small, Southern Baptist church.  E. Taylor on the engraving is my great-grandfather.

My parents arrived on Sunday after church.  The next morning, me and my dad were up and ready to go exercise. First - we needed our green smoothies:

This may not be a big deal in your family, but trust, in my family, it is a BIG deal that anyone tried this after I made it. Picture this scene: me and my Granny sharing her small-ish kitchen.  She frying up a pound of bacon with grease popping and me chopping apples, pears, bananas, and anything else I could my hands on and mixing it with fresh spinach in the blender.  Quite the duo!

This is what I got to run in to:

 The view was breathtaking.  If you look really closely, you can see the Space Museum up on the hill in the far right by the mountain.\

This particular mountain is called sleeping beauty by locals. Can you see her?  It took me forever as a child to finally be able to make out the silhouette. Probably because I didn't know what breasts really were like until high school!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring....yeah right. Obviously you've never met our kids!

I found these cool wine glasses at Target - Winesteens.  I'm lethal with a wine glass, so I was super excited!

We do Christmas pretty early in our house. Growing up, we used to wake-up around 4 am, load ALL our gifts in my parent's cars, go to Granny's, open all our gifts, eat breakfast, then load it all back up and go home and get ready for Christmas lunch.  We all got up this year pretty early, I think it was like 4:30. My son is so thrilled that his Baltimore g-parents got him his own ipod touch. I am thrilled because now I can have the storage on my iphone 16gb back. (which isn't much).
I bought me and Munchkin some new kicks for Christmas.

My parents got him his very first pair of cowboy boots. Isn't he adorbs?

So let me start with the story behind this.  My Granny and I have been talking about her mama for months.  My Granny has always told me how classy her mom was, how she never went to church without a hat, and always wore stoles.  She told me she had a fox stole, and in my mind I interpreted that as a SMALL, STUFFED FOX HEAD, with the fur.  

On Christmas day, she went in her room and pulled out this:

It was like a full body fox!  Oh my goodness. I screamed and ran! I couldn't believe it still had its legs, feet. EVERYTHING!

Here's my mom wearing it on Christmas and my great grandmother wearing it.  Isn't she lovely? The fox stole....I just can't think about it!

 Now this one I could do.

At Christmas and Thanksgiving, we always play Bingo.  This is what happens when your sister who is addicted to monthly subscriptions like CurlKit and CurlBox runs the Bingo.  You get tons of pillow packs of natural girl hair products! Whoo hoo! I was the only natural playing so I got them ALL!

Feliz Navidad from Munchkin and me!


  1. Is that Alamagordo? Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. The fox thing looks pretty, but I don't think I would touch it! And all the women in your family are beautiful!

    1. Amy! Yep - it is Alamogordo. That is where I grew up. That fox thing scared the crap out of me. Thank you! Happy New Year and thanks for the race recommendations over on your blog!


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