03 December 2012

Inspired to Run Again

I have been struggling to find my running bliss again. I mean like STRUGGLING!!! My alarm would go off every morning at 5am, and I would create every single excuse for why I couldn't, why I shouldn't, get out of bed and go run.  It's dark. It's cold. I work hard. I need rest. My bed feels so good. On and on and on.

I even basically tried to bully myself by setting my home screen with this "Accept No Excuses...Expect Results" photo with an alarm that said "Get Your Butt Up & Run".  It didn't work.

Then today, I ran. I ran at 5 in the morning, with the cold against my face, in the pitch black and I loved it.  It made me wonder what I've been doing the past 5 months not keeping up with one thing that allows me to feel free.

Fast forward 8 hours and I get a text from my sister saying one of our dearest family friends went Home to God today after her battle against leukemia.  I sat in my office and cried.  Then I got really pissed off that cancer affected someone I viewed as a second mother growing up.  Sometimes, life goes by so fast that you forget to stop and reflect on those who have truly touched your lives.  We spent so many days at her house, on her big porch, having fun.  Her sons were like my older brothers.  I remember riding in her red Thunderbird and her love of Betty Boob.  So sassy.

So I decided to do it. In the midst of my tears and smile about what a beautiful spirit she is, I decided to do something to raise awareness in her honor.  I signed up from Team in Training and registered for the inaugural Nike Women's Half Marathon on April 28, 2013 in Washington, DC.  I will wake every morning to train even on those days when I don't feel like it, because if Ms. Joan could fight for her life and battle leukemia for a year, I can fight and battle to push my body to run 13.1 miles. Period.

Today, God called His daughter Home forever. He used her to inspire me to be better and to enjoy THIS day.

I am striving to raise awareness of leukemia in her honor for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - please visit my page. Your donation of even $5 will help me reach my goal!

Thank you.

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