17 December 2012

The Farolitos of Christmas

Amazing stage play. Great story line. Emotional. Beautiful. Great actors.

These are my reflections on the works of legendary New Mexico author Rudolpho Anaya's book, The Farolitos of Christmas, being brought to life on the stage at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. From the front row I watched as a family, and a village, fought to save their Christmas traditions in the midst of the war.

The day was even more special because Mr. Anaya was there himself to see it. I am honored that my firm, The CommunityChange Group, played a part in this production by raising the funds necessary to produce the play, which hasn't been on stage in 20 years.

The actors, from the youngest to the oldest, were phenomenal. I laughed and even cried a bit.

Feliz Navidad!

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