28 February 2013


9:27 AM
Bending..flexing...throwing my legs in the air. Balancing...falling.  Last night I was determined to get into a semi-scorpion pose, but my body gently told me "I'm not ready".

One thing I love about yoga is you have to listen to your body.  If you press too hard...you end up hurting yourself like I did a few weeks back.  So last night...instead of pressing...instead of pushing....I surrendered.

24 February 2013

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds

7:31 PM
Yesterday I was searching on Netflix on my iPad to find a movie to watch. I normally don't choose a certain genre to search through, but yesterday because of the way I was feeling I went to the Romance category.  After reading over a few titles, I settle on Tyler Perry's Good Deeds movie.  Totally unexpected.

So let me just give my disclaimer.  I am a Tyler Perry fan.  I know many of you hate his Madea story lines and feel every movie is going to come to an expected end....but I support what he is doing, who he is and has become, and I love all the Madea's I can get.

This movie caught me so off guard.  I literally broke out in tears four times.  First, I realized there really are single moms out there that are scraping by.  The thought of my child going hungry, sleeping in the car, and brushing their teeth in a dirty gas station literally broke my heart, because I knew this wasn't something that just happened in the movie, but there are families LIVING this every single day.  Every ounce of complaint I have about my circumstances disappeared at that reality.  While things have not always been easy for me, by the grace of God they have never truly been bad. 

These scenes caught me off guard and made me cry from time to time. From her fear of child welfare coming to take her child, and then it actually happening, to her determined spirit to keep going even when she kept getting knocked down - it touched me.

The other part that made me cry was the look Tyler's character gave the "other woman" when he started to see her.  I started to realize I know that look.  It's a look that is deeper than eye level - it goes to the soul.  It's the look not of just wanting somone, but needing them, and hoping for them.  Phew....I know that look.

23 February 2013

Now is a good time

6:56 AM
Updated August 5, 2013. I'm now comfortable saying "we".

Legislative session....grant season...romance.

This is probably the most uncomfortable thing for me to talk about.  I have it all together as a mother, executive, entrepreneur, friend....but allowing myself to be giddy over romance has not been something I've seen in a few years.

Last week I worked and played in Santa Fe and I decided now was a good time to open my heart to a little romance.

I We stayed at a super cute casita in downtown Santa Fe, called the Zona Rosa, and enjoyed sensations like brie cheese, fig butter, and wine.  I We lunched over chile rubbed bacon and green chile cornbread.  I We sipped on red wine at St. Clair's and I enjoyed duck for the very first time at Vernon's Hiden Valley Steakhouse.  My senses, and my heart, were extremely full.

I We stayed at Hotel Andaluz for the very first time too.  This is by far my new favorite hotel in Albuquerque.

A bond is not formed by the amount of time two people spend together, but rather by the experiences that are shared together.

21 February 2013

Pink and Pinstripe

3:52 PM
Hey there! Sometimes I pin things....and I think the images stick in mind subconsciously without me remembering where I got the idea from.

Yesterday - I wore pink skinny jeans with a black and white striped blouse.  Today I was on pinterest and remembered where I got the idea from.

I had already deleted my full color picture before I thought about uploading this post!  You get the idea.

What inspirations have you found on pinterest?

02 February 2013

31 Status

10:45 AM
When I started The Virtuous Home blog, it was my desire to share my life as a single mom striving to live virtuously. It's not always easy, but I am so glad that there are others out there who desire to live the same way - and through the power of social media we can share and uplift each other.  Fortify and pray for each other.

I stumbled across this poem after having a very difficult week.  It empowered me so much.  Just wanted to share.  Enjoy!

01 February 2013

A little instagram yoga challenge

8:25 PM
That has totally rocked my world!  If you love yoga or have ever wanted to try yoga - do it.  My life has changed. Seriously.  I can't wait to practice each day.  I started the new year by participating in a little photo challenge on instagram...and it lit my world on fire.  I found myself practicing daily, wanting to perfect each pose, falling way to much, and actually feeling myself get stronger.

Follow @beachyogagirl for the daily challenge and follow me @niecytaylor to see the not so yogi version!

Here's a recap of the fun (and challenge) we had this month!

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