23 February 2013

Now is a good time

Updated August 5, 2013. I'm now comfortable saying "we".

Legislative session....grant season...romance.

This is probably the most uncomfortable thing for me to talk about.  I have it all together as a mother, executive, entrepreneur, friend....but allowing myself to be giddy over romance has not been something I've seen in a few years.

Last week I worked and played in Santa Fe and I decided now was a good time to open my heart to a little romance.

I We stayed at a super cute casita in downtown Santa Fe, called the Zona Rosa, and enjoyed sensations like brie cheese, fig butter, and wine.  I We lunched over chile rubbed bacon and green chile cornbread.  I We sipped on red wine at St. Clair's and I enjoyed duck for the very first time at Vernon's Hiden Valley Steakhouse.  My senses, and my heart, were extremely full.

I We stayed at Hotel Andaluz for the very first time too.  This is by far my new favorite hotel in Albuquerque.

A bond is not formed by the amount of time two people spend together, but rather by the experiences that are shared together.

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