24 February 2013

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds

Yesterday I was searching on Netflix on my iPad to find a movie to watch. I normally don't choose a certain genre to search through, but yesterday because of the way I was feeling I went to the Romance category.  After reading over a few titles, I settle on Tyler Perry's Good Deeds movie.  Totally unexpected.

So let me just give my disclaimer.  I am a Tyler Perry fan.  I know many of you hate his Madea story lines and feel every movie is going to come to an expected end....but I support what he is doing, who he is and has become, and I love all the Madea's I can get.

This movie caught me so off guard.  I literally broke out in tears four times.  First, I realized there really are single moms out there that are scraping by.  The thought of my child going hungry, sleeping in the car, and brushing their teeth in a dirty gas station literally broke my heart, because I knew this wasn't something that just happened in the movie, but there are families LIVING this every single day.  Every ounce of complaint I have about my circumstances disappeared at that reality.  While things have not always been easy for me, by the grace of God they have never truly been bad. 

These scenes caught me off guard and made me cry from time to time. From her fear of child welfare coming to take her child, and then it actually happening, to her determined spirit to keep going even when she kept getting knocked down - it touched me.

The other part that made me cry was the look Tyler's character gave the "other woman" when he started to see her.  I started to realize I know that look.  It's a look that is deeper than eye level - it goes to the soul.  It's the look not of just wanting somone, but needing them, and hoping for them.  Phew....I know that look.

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