06 March 2013

Crazy Love - Week 1

Thank you for joining me for our Wednesday night Bible Study!

This week - we simply start with the Forward and Introduction to the book.  My how power packed just the Foreward and Intro are!  

What would your life look like, what would your testimony be, if the people around you identified you as a "Christ-one"?  Meaning - without you even having to declare yourself a Christian, the people around you could feel God's power in you.   As I began thinking about this, I think about the times when my life ministry was at it's most powerful.  It wasn't when I was opening my mouth to declare I'm a Christian....it's those times where I was walking out my faith.  Being the light in this world...helping and serving others, that they have literally commented about seeing the "light" in my smile.

This week I challenge us to walk out our faith so that people who encounter us identify us as being a "Christ-one".  Don't tell anyone with your mouth that you are a Christian.  Show them.  Remain strong in faith and allow God to use you to bring many people to Him.  His glory. His power.  His Holy Spirit.

Love you!

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