05 March 2013

Don't you want a crazy love?

I have thought about doing this. For longer than I should have.  I have tried participating in online Bible studies. I have commitment issues.  I have tried "facilitating" orchestrated online Bible studies. I failed.  So Lord why do you keep placing the desire on my heart to lead an online Bible study here at The Virtuous Home?  I doubt myself. I won't finish.  I start out committed. I don't finish.

A year later and there is still a whisper telling me to do.  Not enough people read my blog. Who will it reach?  I don't want to start something I won't finish.

You need to start and finish.

So here I am.  After about a year of going back and forth with myself about whether I am worthy enough to attempt to lead an online Bible study here at The Virtuous Home and God has consistently, persistently, told be me to obey.

I am obeying.

I am excited.

I am scared.

I am humbled.

I am grateful.

I grew up in a small, southern baptist church in Alamogordo, NM.  Every Wednesday evening we had Bible study and prayer service.  To this day, my beautiful 81 year old Granny makes her way to the church house on Wednesday evenings for Bible study and prayer meeting.  So going along with my roots - I decided it would be great to post each Wednesday for a weekly study.

Here is the way I will kick this off.  The first book I will be using is Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.  I started reading this book about a year ago but I wasn't ready.  You know when something is calling you deeper and you don't want to go there?  I tend to just set it aside when this happens.  That is exactly what I did.

My study tools: Ipad, journal, Bible, notecards, pen, and notebook.
I am in love with this book, but even greater than that, I am in love with the God this book challenges us to fall crazy in love with, for.  I am ready for that kind of crazy love.

Even if you aren't ready to dive into a full out Bible study, I pray these posts bless you right when and where you need it.

I love you.

This week's verse to walk out.  Why just memorize it if you're not going to live it?


  1. I say do it... I READ your blog & would be looking forward to seeing your Bible Study poss! You never know who will come across your blog & who you will be encouraging! Washing you the best! ~Thanks for sharing


    1. THANK YOU so much for the encouragement! Love ya! N


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