08 March 2013

Leave Your Big Girl Pants At Home

This week has literally just about exhausted me. It has taken everything in me not to just stay in bed all day.

Wednesday night I worked out....and literally fell asleep on the rug on my bedroom floor. I woke up in the middle of the night dazed and confused.  I came to work the next day and asked our Clinical Director if this was a sign of depression.  She assured me it wasn't....just exhaustion.

I'm having to do a lot of self talk to myself lately to remind myself to stay present. Stay in the moment. Enjoy the moment.  I want to see the whole staircase now!

So a friend of mine who does really amazing things....really blessed me this morning.  We were texting and he said "sometimes you have to leave your big girl pants at home"!

I so needed to hear that after this week I've had.

So on my way to work I noticed this random stop sign at the railroad tracks with Bullshit tagged across it.  I thought - damn those pants - I'm going for it.

I hope you leave your big girl pants at home this weekend!

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