08 March 2013

Pinterest Pin It

Lynn linked up to Kita at saywhatuwanna.com yesterday for the Pinterest Pin It Wednesday linky party.  It looked like fun but I didn't want to double post on Wednesday since I will be posting our Wednesday night Bible study then.

I love me some pinterest so wanted to jump right in!



 I will totally be recreating this look when I travel to Baltimore next month.  Looks so comfy but yet refined.

St. Patrick's Day
I love sending little treats with my son to school to share with his classmates.

Something Odd

I saw th


  1. Walking on eggs??? Too funny! I love the quote, and the outfit! I'm linking from Pinterest Wednesday,

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes - walking on eggs! I see my comment was cut short. I was saying...I don't know how I feel about allowing my child to walk on perfectly good eggs...thus ruining and creating a mess for me to clean up! haha.

  2. I am just now seeing this so sorry I am almost a week late. Love the outfit and walking on eggs...hmmm odd but I love eggs I can't be walking on my food like that.


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