30 April 2013

April Running Recap

This was Albuquerque in early April. 30 mph winds and straight dustbowl.

 April was an AWESOME month for me!  It started with a work trip to Baltimore, had a nice little spur of the moment trip to California in the middle, and an impromptu race to support Boston to finish it off.  It feels like everything in between was just as magical.

So I'm happy about the fact that I'm back out there....running somewhat consistently (still not as much as I'd like) with my busy schedule.  Last July I logged 37.5 miles and from July to this April, the number of runs per month were literally in the single digits.  So I'm proud of myself for at least starting to build up on getting out there more.  I also just realized after posting this that somehow my 4 mile run on April 21st was deleted.  That puts me at 33.3 miles for the month!  Plus...that was my fastest run with an average pace of 8:46/mile. Urgh...where did my run go!

I'm also really excited because my average pace last March, I didn't run at all in April of 2012, was 12'48 per mile.  That was me implementing the Couch 2 5K plan I believe.  This month, my average pace was a 9'47 per mile.  I needed to type this out to remind myself of that.

My last run today was painful.  I wanted to run 5 miles in order to test my speed and endurance for the Run for the Zoo 10k on Sunday, but I was just so heady and not into it whatsoever.  I'm starting to learn more about myself.  When I try to let my mind run and just think about whatever, I slow down.  When I really focus intently on my running form and pace, I do really great, but then I talk myself into being tired.  I'm such a heady mess!

While in Baltimore, I ran on the treadmill for the first time in literally 5 years! It was painful...I hated it...but I at least got to look out over the Baltimore Orioles stadium as they prepared for opening day.

 This month I also got to run with one my most favorite people.  We are both former UD Blue Hen athletes - he a football player, me volleyball - and boy did he make me better. 

I broke all the records I have ever set in my Nike+ app! Fastest 5k, Fastest Mile, Fastest 1k!  The first two miles of the run I was set on keeping up with him, the last two I waved him ahead and said I'll catch up.  See what I'm talking about?  I need to work on my endurance and my head game!  It was so much fun to have a partner to run with.  I wish we could do this at least once a week!

Tonight I got extremely frustrated.  I really want to be able to clock an 8:30 mile.  I know this too will come but it is not coming fast enough and one part of me (the yogi side) says "relax...work...it will come."  The Division 1 athlete and competitive side of me says "push it...get it done...just do it".  Tonight when I realized I ran my 5 miles at a 9'00 pace I nearly cried.  I want that 8:30 so bad!

I stopped by the store to pick up two bags of ice and took a nice cold ice bath when I got home.  Hopefully my legs will recover tonight because I have a feeling they're going to keep getting pushed this week!

My dream home will have a tub that I can actually stretch my legs out in! #tallgirlproblems

All in all...I'm happy with this month. I'm also very grateful that tomorrow is a fresh start! Maybe next month I'll be able to report an average pace of 8'45"!

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