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I can't begin to put to words what I'm feeling three days later. I woke up Monday morning totally excited for what is conceivably the greatest running event in America...the Boston Marathon.   I was even more excited because two of my favorite people that have inspired my own running journey were actually running this great race!

In between my morning meetings, I would punch in both of their bib numbers to check their progress, and they were both rocking it!  Around 1pm MST, I hopped in my car to run some office errands, and heard bits and pieces on CNN about an explosion.  During my brief drive in the car, I didn't hear whether anyone was injured or exactly what had happened....the coverage was still very spotty at that time.  When I returned to my office I received a text saying "crazy what happened at boston marathon...two explosions".  I said I know...I hope no one was hurt, because at that time I didn't know the severity of what had happened.  When they told me people had been hurt, I started pulling up news articles online, and surely, it was a big deal.

My heart began to ache.  I immediately started to check my two friend's social media pages for updates to make sure they were ok.  About an hour later I saw one update that Amy from Lavender Running had finished the race and that Megan was stopped at mile 25.6.  My heart was so grateful that these two were ok, but hurt so bad that we live in a world where so much evil exists.

I often get overcome by these emotions.  I desire to raise my son in a world of love, peace, and tolerance, so when evil has its moment, it breaks my heart.   I really couldn't even talk about it.

On Tuesday night I ran 6.2 miles to stand with Black Girls Run in running for Boston.  This is the furthest I have ever run, and my legs weren't fully recovered from my 5 miles on Saturday, but there was no way I was stopping.  While out on the trail I just began to praise God that I still had legs that could get tired,  I had lungs that could breathe in the air, and I simply had my life still to live.  There were 3 lives on Monday that no longer have that, and countless others who will forever be physically and emotionally hindered by this.

When I heard of an 8 year being one of the victims, I always believe that God has a reason for why, at that exact point in time, we needed to know this little boys story.  Not shortly after, this picture began being circulated on social media sites....and for this one message...I can now understand the message God would have us to hear.  Martin Richard...thank you for sharing your sweet message with us.  We carry your spirit with us in our hearts.

I know the outpouring of love and support has been tremendous amongst the running community.  Runners, especially endurance runners, are a special and unique breed.  They are dedicated, committed folks who know how to dig deep and make it through tough struggles.   I love what Amby Burfoot, the 1968 Boston Marathon winner, said.  He was running on the 45th anniversary of his great victory.   
"We can not cover our eyes and ears, and pretend violent acts don’t threaten our great institutions. But our institutions did not become great by following a path of timidity and cowardice. And we can only hope that, when pummeled, as the Boston Marathon was today, they will rise again, stronger than ever."
On Monday my dad said the Boston Marathon would forever be changed.  I said yes, but not in the way he meant.  I do not believe it will be scarred by fear and runners and spectators who cannot enjoy the joy that comes with momentous event.  I believe it will be forever changed for the better.  Security measures will change, I hope so.  I believe this institution will rise stronger, and be all the better. Out of the ashes....there is hope.

Love, light, and peace.



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