09 April 2013

Lean Harder

Oh what a heady mess I was last night!  I don't know why I allow myself to get like that.  Probably because I'm human, huh?

I'm so grateful for new mercies every morning.  So let me catch you up on my trip to Baltimore last week.  It was just a week ago that I took off on a jetplane to Baltimore to attend the End Violence Against Women Conference.  A 3 day conference packed with nationally and internationally acclaimed speakers.  I was so excited.  I was also excited because it has been two years since I've visited Baltimore, and I got to spend some time with some of my friends.

There are little things in life that make a huge impression on my heart.  Like the fact that h.e. was thoughtful enough to track my flight to know I was arriving 20 minutes early....or standing by my baggage claim carousel when I got down from the terminal (oh this put the biggest smile on my face).  These things may seem totally insignificant...but when you've had to wait in the freezing cold for 30 minutes for your ride to show up to the airport on numerous occasions...these little things are HUGE.   I feel like just breathing in and soaking up every moment.  Flowers on my seat in the car when I opened the door. My favorite wine already picked up.  Every. Little. Detail.

 One of the main things I did while in Baltimore was eat! Oh my did this girl.  I ate so much that on Sunday when I was home I really didn't want to eat.  I was talking to h.i.m. and he asked what I ate all day...and I realized...really nothing.

A great little spot with live music and an amazing atmosphere.
This is such a cute place in Remington but I couldn't tell you where it is at or what the name of it is. Totally unique atmosphere.

The owner is a world traveled mixologist. I have no clue what was in this concoction but it was delightful and so fragrant.

Total indulgence.

Miss Shirley's Chicken & Waffles
My hotel was right downtown adjacent to Camden Yards.  I happened to be in town during opening day.  So, I was able to overlook the Orioles stadium as I worked out in the gym (running on a treadmill sucks by the way).  On the actual opening day, downtown was packed.  I went out on the balcony at the hotel and watched the frenzy of people and opening pitch.

My last night in town my girlfriends from college came down.  Oh my how I miss them.  I screamed when I opened the door and by the time we finished our 3 hour dinner and drinks sess....my heart hurt that it had been over a year and a half since I have seen them and that I don't have easy access to them.    Of course, they are all scheming and planning on ways to get me back to the East Coast.

...and more friends.

My first trip back to Baltimore in 2 years was a great time.  I did see the ex....and I am so grateful because there were no negative feelings whatsoever in seeing him.  My heart has healed.

Lean harder into those moment of joy.  Dr. Brene Brown


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, any time I get to enjoy great food on a constant is a good time in my book :-), I'm headed out to the DMV area next weekend to do the exact same. Happy your heart's a peace w the ex.

    1. Thank you Candace! Safe travels and enjoy the food! I think they are having great weather in the DMV now...so enjoy the cherry blossoms!

  2. I read your blog often and am so excited about this new development! Continue to take risks and trust God more than you trust yourself! H.E. sounds like a keeper!! Continue to do great things you are SUCH an inspiration!!XOXO

    1. Aww thank you Jaime! I'm in my happy space right now and it feels good. Hugs!


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