24 April 2013

You want this bag in your closet

A few month's ago, Amberly at A Slice of Glam posted two bags she was craving for spring, both Michael Kors.  One with a triple digit price tag and the other with a four digit price tag.  They were fabulous, but not fabulous on my budget.

White, natural, and vanilla colored bags are in.  Here is one of my favs from the Michael Kors collection:

What's not to love? This is a gorgeous bag.  Then today, on my doorstep, showed up this pretty little (actually not so little) Grace Adele bag named Shelby.  She is so in season with her color, has a lifetime warranty, and is only in the double digits with an $80 price tag!

Oh I can't wait to rock her this spring/summer!  You can shop for you own Shelby bag online here.

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